Your Daughters Will Love These Plush Mermaid Toys

Whenever I see projects that aim to diversify children’s toys, I’m always really excited for them. Toys have come a long way since I was a child, and it’s nice being able to see kids get excited when they see themselves in their toys. Elly Lu is holding a kickstarter for their educational organic plushies and their delightful mermaid storybook, and it’s exactly the sort of thing I love seeing on the market: toys and storybooks that reflect children’s individuality, all while keeping in mind real world issues.

Elly Lu has a record of making socially responsible products, winning several awards for their high-quality products. The mermaid and aquatic animal toys that are being funded by this kickstarter are made using organic cotton fabric, eco-friendly dyes, 100% natural corn fiber, and they’re ethically made. The level of detail on every plushie is stunning, with little accents added with embroidery in contrasting colours. And with a host of animals like hammerhead sharks, seahorses, walruses and whale sharks, each mermaid has a colourful and quirky sidekick that helps teach children about conservation at a young age.

All the characters created as part of this kickstarter will be included in a fun little storybook that teaches kids about conservation, personal skills, introspection, and more. Storytelling is known to help teach children about empathy and inform them about the world around them, and with mermaids of all skin tones, your child will hopefully be able to relate to at least one of the mermaids in the storybook.

If you’d like to help fund Elly Lu’s educational organic plushies and the mermaid storybook, visit the kickstarter to pledge. And, ever dedicated to making a difference, the company will donate $1 to various charities for every plushie purchased!



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