Work Out with Your Significant Other!

Can you believe we’re already almost done with January? Time goes by so fast these days. My boyfriend has been going to the gym 5 days a week for the last few months, and I’ve joined him this year. I’ve found it to be incredibly cathartic and good for our relationship to hit the gym together, and I wish more couples would work out together. Here are three reasons why getting in a work out with your significant other is a good idea if you’re in a healthy committed relationship.

You’ll Push Each Other

My boyfriend told me that it was really easy for him to make excuses about skipping the gym when it was just him going. Now that we go together, we don’t let each other slide no matter how much we want to stay home. Having someone to hold you accountable is such a blessing, and it’s encouraging knowing that.

You’ll Spend Time Together

If you and your significant other have busy schedules, sometimes it can be hard to fit in couple time. Now, I know that a work out with your significant other isn’t really a date, it’s still great time to spend doing something together. You shouldn’t be talking during your session, obviously, but just spending that time together helps bring you closer together. Cooling down afterwards and talking about your progress can also be extremely rewarding.

You’ll Be Able to Manage Your Diets

When you work out with your significant other, it’s safe to assume that you both care about what you eat. If both of you are trying to become healthier, then both of you can improve your diets. Too often, when one partner is trying to improve their health, the other partner can eat things that can sabotage the other’s diet unintentionally. Open communication fixes that problem, but both of you sorting out your diets together also makes things easier!




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