Wishing For Drug Addiction Cure

I was watching the movie Lifted with my kids yesterday, and it reminded me of someone in my family who has a drug addiction problem. The mother in this movie had been sober for over a year, but her husband being deployed and having major things happen caused her to relapse. My heart broke for the little boy because I know what it’s like to have to watch someone you love deeply for get sucked into the drug addiction problem.

This person in my family and I use to be really close when we were kids. We even endured one of the hardest things in our life together. However, we still remained close. Then something happened and that bond went away. To this date he has been to many drug rehab centers. Unfortunately, nothing is really working to treat his drug and alcohol addiction.

I have watched him waste away his God given brain, and it eats me alive. If he could ever remain sober for long enough, he could really do a lot with his life. When he is sober, he’s still smart and a very hard worker. He’s respectable. He’s loving and kind.

Yet, when he gets high he’s disrespectful. He doesn’t care about anything. He’s been fired from many jobs over it. He has had many driving accidents. It’s amazing he hasn’t been killed or killed someone else. He loses all interest in everything else in his life. He’s basically an entirely different person.

There hasn’t been a drug addiction treatment that has worked yet for him. I keep hoping that someone will be able to find a treatment for his drug and alcoholism that is easy to do. I understand how hard it is for him to quit the drugs and alcohol. I suffer with an emotional eating addiction. My addiction may not have as detrimental side effects for others involved, but it does still affect others.

I continue to pray for a solution for both of our addictions. I know we have them because of the past we have. I know we are steadily trying to burying our past hurts because for some reason they have been flared with a vengeance.

Please if you see someone with an addiction don’t ignore the signs of it. Some of the signs include neglecting responsibilities, driving under the influence, and relationship issues such as fights and loss of old friends. It’s easier to quit when you’ve first started an addiction than it is after you’ve been doing it for years on end.

Unfortunately, we can’t stop someone from having an addiction, but we can provide support for them. We can pray for them. We can also be accountability partners for them as they get off the ban wagon.

Have you found any good alcohol treatment centers?





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