Why Tom And Jerry Games Gaining Increasing Popularity Among Kids

Tom and Jerry games, like a lot of online games, have increased in popularity recently – particularly for mobile and handheld devices, like smart phones and tablet computers. This is a result of the increase in connection speed enjoyed by the smart phone; and the decrease in memory requirements of the games themselves.
A brief history of the increasing popularity of Tom and Jerry games must perforce be a brief history of changing technology. Five years ago, we were all chained to a desk, tied to a PC, if we wanted to access the Internet with any success. Now the shackles of the LAN cable have been cut and we can get on the web properly with our phones and tablets, wherever we happen to be.
One thing we don’t have yet, nor will for some time, is a genuinely quick mobile connection. So the mobile device is either tied to Wi-Fi networks available in public places, or to home networks; or, the games we play must be of such small data requirements that they can be enjoyed even when the mobile connection speed is poor.
The other alternative is to download Tom and Jerry games as an app. The app has many advantages, not least of which is that once you’ve downloaded it, it’s there – meaning you get the whole thing playing seamlessly with no freezing or buffering.
That said, of course, Tom and Jerry games downloaded as apps have to be small to avoid destroying the data usage component of a phone contract or agreement. Simple chase games, which require little in the way of playability, are easy for a phone to handle. More complex games have to be stored on a server somewhere and accessed through a website.
So the increased reliability, or availability, of Wi-Fi connections has boosted the popularity of Tom and Jerry games. The universal use of the handheld mobile device to do everything, from making phone calls and checking social media to enjoying relaxation time, has made gaming on the go more popular. So Tom and Jerry games have become much more popular now than they were five years ago.
You also have to look at the ways in which social media and traditional websites have collided. Embedded media of all types – audio, video and interactive files – are the currency of the social media revolution. Companies now actively try to please their fan base by providing tons of free content for them to use, enjoy and share – and of course Tom and Jerry games are ideal for this purpose.
So now that interactivity is expected of a corporate website, the companies whose stock in trade is already entertaining (and what could be more entertaining than a Tom and Jerry cartoon?) are running ahead of the social media curve. By providing games for their fans to enjoy and talk about, they keep themselves fresh in the minds of their existing followers; and promote new ones by proxy, as the games are shared and enjoyed by one and all.
About the Author:
The above article is composed by CJ from Cartoon Network. She believes that companies now actively try to please their fan base by providing tons of free content for them to use, enjoy and share – and of course Tom and Jerry games are ideal for this purpose.



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