Why I’m So Glad We Chose Homeschool Prom Over Traditional Prom: My Personal Experience

Greetings! I’m amped to reveal my recent Homeschool Prom experience with you all! Homeschool Prom is a special, exclusive activity for homeschoolers. We opted for it over the typical prom and it was an unforgettable night! Here’s why I cherished it so much:

Why I’m Glad We Chose Homeschool Prom

I’m so glad we chose homeschool prom for our daughter this year! It was perfect. Let me explain why:

  1. Flexible Timing – A traditional prom has just one evening. But, with a homeschool prom, we could adjust to fit our needs.
  2. Adventure – We had access to more unique locations. Ours was on a wooden tall-ship! We saw the harbor and heard classic tunes. It was the perfect prom!
  3. Personalization – We had more custom touches. Decorations, party favors, music, food – all adding extra fun!
  4. Control – We had more control over our student’s choices. We could make sure they were properly prepared for homecoming festivities (fashion, transport, etiquette).
  5. Life Memories – Most importantly, we created lasting memories that our family will treasure forever!!!

My Personal Experience

homeschool prom on a boat 2

Home school prom? Awesome! I was both excited and nervous – but it was worth it. I knew it was gonna be different – and special – as soon as I stepped onto the boat. We had a blast – getting to know each other, and of course, the yummy food. It’s honestly been one of the best experiences of my life.

What is Prom Like?

Prom night is usually full of joy and fun. But for homeschoolers, it’s harder to find these kinds of experiences. So, when our school decided to hold a homeschool prom this year, I was delighted! We were able to come together and celebrate our hard work.

At 8:00 PM, we boarded a boat. We watched the sun set over Lake Michigan as we sailed through the night. At 10:00 PM, we arrived at our destination. Then, it was dinner time! We had an amazing feast with multiple cuisines.

After dinner, people went up on deck to take pictures and enjoy the cool air. Then, it was time to dance! There were activities like limbo competitions and interactive photo booths. Everyone made memories with their friends and family without leaving home.

Overall, this was a great experience! Not only did my expectations get met, but exceeded. I also connected with others who couldn’t go out due to pandemic regulations or other circumstances. And all of this while being safe at home!

What Time Does Prom Start?

Prom is a great experience for high schoolers! But, homeschoolers may miss out on the traditional prom – until now. I chose a homeschool prom for my special night, and it was unforgettable!

So, you may be wondering: what time does prom start when homeschooling? It all depends on the event. For example, some proms may start at 6 or 7 pm and last until 11 pm or later. Others may have a ‘prom on a boat’ that lasts up to 5 hours! Check the time length/format of the event so you know when to arrive.

Take the time to plan ahead and dress accordingly. With a bit of preparation, your night will be perfect!

Prom on a Boat

This year my friends and I wanted to make our prom extra special. So, we chose homeschool prom on a boat! We were immediately sold on this idea. We wanted an ocean setting, far from distractions. Since we’re homeschoolers, we had flexibility with our schedule.

We got a luxury boat from a website that specializes in rentals. We could customize everything like: food, music, and dances/games. We included karaoke, a limbo contest and bumper cars! Our families helped us plan it.

On the day itself, we all boarded the yacht, ready for an unforgettable evening together. It was incredible seeing everyone dressed up. This has been my favorite homeschool event so far!

Prom Things

Getting ready for prom was a big deal! Shoes, accessories, and the perfect dress – almost like a mini wedding! We had fun looking back, but it can be overwhelming.

We started by finding a cute pink dress. Then, we picked shoes and glitzy earrings to complete my look. Accessories can make a basic outfit look amazing! My friends found gorgeous gowns and sparkly cardigans, in case they got cold.

We didn’t want anyone wearing “The Same Dress“! So, we chose different colors and textures. Alex had a pale blue dress with sequins and Zara had a white linen dress. We wanted everyone to express their own style and look awesome together.

Remember, prom things take time. Stay organized and focused on what you want. There are lots of resources online to help find dresses, create a hair/makeup timeline, and make sure there are no wrinkles – literally or figuratively 😉

Prom Etiquette in 2023

We decided to have a homeschool prom instead of a traditional one – and it was great! It was so memorable and fun. We wanted to know what to expect for homeschool prom etiquette in 2023. So we did some research. Here’s what we found about the dos and don’ts for homeschool prom etiquette in 2023:

  • Dress to impress – choose an appropriate outfit that is formal and classy.
  • Be respectful – be polite and courteous to your fellow classmates and chaperones.
  • Be mindful – remember to be mindful of your surroundings and act responsibly.
  • Be prepared – make sure to bring all necessary items such as money, identification, and a cell phone.
  • Be safe – always practice safe driving and make sure to have a plan for getting home safely.
  • Be on time – arrive on time and be sure to check-in with the chaperones.

Prom for Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers have always dreamed of attending prom. Now, with virtual learning becoming more popular, schools are starting to offer homeschool proms.

To ensure your event is a success, make a timeline for activities. Think about

  • what time the prom should start,
  • what music to play,
  • how to serve food and drinks,
  • and how everyone will get home safely after.

Choices for attire and etiquette depend on the group. It could be formal or casual, indoors or outdoors, or even renting a boat! Create guidelines that take into account safety and comfort. Most importantly – have fun!

Can Homeschoolers Go to Prom?

Homeschoolers can now enjoy the same experiences as their peers who attend a brick and mortar school. Homeschool proms let parents, teens, and administrators join in on the fun. Whether it’s a boat or lavish dance hall, they can still make memories with friends like them.

When prepping for prom, there are tips to keep in mind:

  • Start with the dress code, then etiquette training.
  • Limos? Don’t forget those.
  • Also, provide snacks/drinks throughout.
  • Most importantly, tell kids to get ready early.

By following these steps, homeschool proms remind everyone why coming together through education is such a great experience.

Prom Preparation Timeline

Planning for prom starts early! Every group of friends should agree on a timeline. Even if you’re attending homeschool prom, you can still make it special! Here’s the steps to follow 6-8 weeks before the big night:

  1. Choose a Prom Theme. Pick one that everyone likes and reflects your school’s style. Will it be glamorous? Hip? A classic throwback? Have fun with it!
  2. Select Attire & Accessories. Look for things that match the theme and budget. Don’t forget boutonnieres and corsages, too!
  3. Make Reservations & Book Transportation. Look for great deals on services like party buses or limos. Also, decide if you need reservations for places like restaurants and bars.
  4. Check the Photography Schedule & Find a Videographer. Get pricing info on photographers early, and don’t forget a videographer!
  5. Remind Each Other About Safety Tips. No drinking alcohol, always travel in groups, tell friends where you are going, and consider parental guidance about social media.


homeschool prom on a boat 1

I’m so lucky to have attended a one-of-a-kind homeschool prom! It was amazing and full of special moments. Nothing could beat it! Plus, it was tailored to our homeschool group, so we made it our own. I’m truly grateful for the experience!

Reflection on My Experience and Appreciation for Homeschool Prom

My Homeschool Prom experience was amazing! Way beyond what I expected. I was so lucky my parents let me go. The decorations were gorgeous, and the air was filled with joy and excitement. Everything was perfect. Music, food, decorations, photos, games – you name it! Everyone was having a blast.

This gave me the chance to meet new people, and to hear different life stories. It was an incredible feeling, being part of this big homeschool community, even just for one night. We sailed together under the stars, creating memories that will last forever!

I’m so grateful for this amazing experience. Homeschool Prom was definitely one of the best moments of my life!




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