Who are the Parties You Can Sue After a Car Accident?

If you have been in a car accident, then there are high chances that you are dealing with injuries or property damages. People are expected to worry about the costs, medical bills, loss of wages, etc. If you file for compensation, you might wonder who you can sue for your damages.

It is a valid doubt, and most victims are unaware of personal injury laws. Accident lawyers play a crucial role in car accident claim settlement and ensure that you get the compensation you require for the damages suffered. So, to help you with your confusion, below is a detailed guide on who can be sued in an accident case.

The Negligent Driver

When you are looking for a liable party, the first person you should consider is the driver involved. If the accident was caused by the negligence of the driver, you could sue them for compensation. When the drivers fail to take the necessary precautions, and if that leads to a collision, that means they are the at-fault party.

At-Fault Driver Insurance Company

If you suffer injuries due to the fault of other drivers, then the driver’s insurance policy will be responsible, which means they have to cover your losses. They can pay you up to the driver’s policy limit.

So, when you are suing the insurance company, you have to collect evidence such as the contact information of the driver, license number, etc. Once you file the claim, the insurer will send you an initial offer, and you must let your lawyer review it, as the first offer is far less than you deserve.

Car Manufacturer

It is the duty of the car manufacturer to put safe cars on the market. However, sometimes the car may have manufacturing defects, which can lead to an accident. So, they can be held liable if the manufacturer fails to do the quality controls and releases the car without proper inspection. Also, if the automakers are aware of the defect but did not inform the consumers, and if that leads to accidents, your lawyer will tell you to name the manufacturers in your claim.

The Driver’s Employer

There are situations where your lawyer will advise you to name the employer or business when you are filing a lawsuit. Yes, you can sue the employer, and they are fully or partially responsible for your damages; however, it depends on several situations, such as:

  • If the driver who caused the collision is working for an employer, in that case, you can sue the driver’s employer.
  • If the subpar work of the mechanic causes the accident, then the auto repair shop can be held responsible too.
  • Also, you can sue the medical business if the driver loses control of the vehicle due to the failure of the medical device or due to a reaction to a drug.

Remember that when a large business or corporation providing car services is involved, their insurance companies use several tactics, either not to pay the compensation or trying to pay less. In this situation, the lawyer negotiates with the insurer and tries to get you the best deal.


Summing up, accidents happen without warning, and since it is a traumatizing experience, at that point, you might not have any idea what caused the collision. After receiving the required medical attention, you must look for the evidence to help you determine your case’s course.

Most cases occur due to the driver’s fault; however, there are high chances that other parties are at fault too. So, to determine who is responsible, you can contact a car accident lawyer. They will ensure that the at-fault party is sued, increasing your chances of compensation.



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