Urgent Message for Parents of Young Babies/Infants

Please ignore how bad we look. We both needed a bath, but hadn’t gotten to that point yet because she was so sick. Even though she’s sick, she was still smiling for the camera.

Okay, now that the scare has worn off some, but not all the

way by a long shot…

I feel I can safely share how our weekend has been. Zeva started off being extremely quiet on Friday, which for a baby who normally demands to be the center of attention ALL the time and cries if she isn’t that was what started me on the Mommy patrol with her. I pay a lot of attention to my kids even when people assume I don’t because I am constantly always doing something. However, I know each of them to a T, and can tell you when something is off long before they even tell me.

Zeva wasn’t fussing, and when she did interact with you she was still acting


However, come Saturday morning she woke up with a flaming fever to the point that her cheeks were beat red. We, of course, gave her Infant Advil to break the fever. I didn’t have any infant Tylneol in the house. I honestly thought that I was doing right by giving her one kind of medicine to break the fever. We were checking her fever every hour up underneath her armpit, and Zeva was sitting perfectly still. She was staying around the 100-101 range. As long as she didn’t get to the 102 range I was okay with continuing to treat her at home.

Then the nightmare came!!!

She had a fever seizure because her fever spiked to over 103 almost immediately. She literally started shaking uncontrollably. Then she turned beat blue and got stiff as a board!! Her eyes were wide open and it flat out looked like she was dying on me. Had she swallowed her tongue she would have died right in my arms. It was the scariest thing in the world for me to go through as a mother.

Of course, we rushed her to the ER.

The ER nurse made me feel smaller than small because she thought I was dumb for not changing out the medicine back and forth between Advil and Tyneol every four hours. She made me feel like the size of an ant (actually smaller than that..) when she stated I should have been doing a rectal check of her temperature. The rest of the ER staff was very compassionate and told me that I wasn’t in the wrong for NOT knowing. (If you look at our chart with Zeva, if anything I’ve been the overly protective mother when it comes to her because she was born sick and has been sick off and on since she’s been born with breathing issues and such.)

Now I have to worry about Zeva having seizures when she gets sick or in general after she turns 5 years old. I had a friend who had them growing up, and it caused him a lot of grief. I hope and pray that Zeva out grows this issue.

We also found out while we are that the hospital that we were not the only parent in there with a baby gaining fevers for no apparent reason known to man yet.

I’ve been trying like the dickens to figure out why she’s getting these fevers, and why there is no pattern at all to her being sick. I haven’t figured it out. I think she’s teething and that’s what’s causing it. However, she’s barely eating and she’ll drink every several hours, but it has to be a juice or water of some kind for her and it has to be extremely cold. She’s still not out of the woods yet.

I have literally slept with her in my arms for the past two nights worried about her. It’s going to cost me big time when I want her to sleep on her own again, but I’m sorry I’d much rather have her safely in my arms than wake up to find that she had an episode and I wasn’t there to help her get through it. I’m an extremely light sleeper when she’s in my arms and sick to boot.

So, please parents keep an eye on your kids and this new unexplained sickness that is going around. It wasn’t the flu, an ear infection, or any of the other possible causes according to the doctors. They had four other kids there with the same issue. It’s more scary in my book to not know what is wrong than to know what is and have the means to fix it (or at least know it’s going away in time.)

Keep the medicine (BOTH) kinds handy in your homes. Keep a good thermometer that can used rectally handy as


Have you gone through this or something similar with

your kids??




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  1. Hey I am NO EXPERT by any means but My pediatrician actually said he tells parents DO NOT rotate between Tylenol and Advil because too many tired parents are giving them too much too soon. Tylenol is every 4 hours and Advil is every 6 hours. so giving Tylenol again at the FOUR hour mark repeatedly, overdoses them! I had fevers all the time as a kid and could keep playing through them My brother had a fever one time and 2 days later had a febrile seizure. He was 2 years old at the time and did exactly as you described. Turned blue. Eyes glazed, looked like he was dying. VERY SCARY. they said we would have to watch him for a few years that it could happen again but it never happened again. So Definitely keep a watch on her but try to let her lead as normal of a life as possible. 🙂 I will be praying for yall. In the meantime check out my blog for some game ideas you could play when she is not feeling like running and romping 🙂 http://www.mt2sm.blogspot.com

    -Queen Mommy

    • Thank you for replying to this message and give me a bit of piece of mind. I can definitely understand the concern over rotating medicines and giving them to much of it. I have been having to write it all down to keep track!!

      I am doing my utter best to ensure she lives a normal life as well. 🙂

  2. This was so scary to read. I never heard of switching out the medicine. With my daughter, I’ve only given her Tylenol when she had a fever, and only gave her that. Sometimes, the medical staff just wants you feeling worse than what you are already feeling.

    Great advice about the rectal thermometer. We keep two in the house for the kids. As well as an ear thermometer. I’ve been very fortunate to live within walking distance to the doctor’s office, so usually after having a fever for one day with no real chance I can just walk my daughter over.

    Keep your head up, and know that you are never alone in what you feeling. I sleep with my kids nearby because like you said, you never know when they are going to need you or go through an episode.

    I’ll keep your family in my prayers.

    Stopping by from the Empowered Mama.


    • Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I do believe if that nurse’s intentions were to make me feel horrible she did a stand up job of it!
      Thanks for also letting me know I was alone with only using one type of medicine primarily. She made me feel like I was a was an idiot for not already knowing that we should rotate them.

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