Understanding The Different Types Of Abuse The Elderly Can Suffer

Most people would agree that those in old age deserve the very best care and support throughout their lives. People in this sort of position often need help to manage much of their lives and have spent a good portion of their time on Earth working and providing for their loved ones. Of course, though, abuse is relatively common for those in their golden years, and this is an issue that people often struggle to overcome. So, what are the different types of abuse that an older person might have to endure?

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is very bad for someone in old age. With a body that isn’t as strong as it used to be, injuries can have a serious and lasting effect on someone at this point in life. Thankfully, physical abuse is rare in the modern world, especially in places like care homes. If you notice someone you care about showing the signs of physical abuse, it will be worth talking to their caregivers to get to the bottom of it.

Mental Abuse

Mental abuse can be much harder to spot than physical abuse. This sort of issue can involve verbal violence, bullying, and a range of other issues, and those who are perpetrating the abuse may not realize what they’re doing. Family members will often do this to one another, even if they care for each other very much. Overcoming mental abuse can be difficult, with therapy being one of the best ways to challenge the problems that are leaving your loved one’s mental health in bad shape.

Financial Abuse

Money can be a big issue for anyone in life, but those who are older can often struggle to maintain control of their finances. Financial abuse can include both theft or people simply taking advantage of your elderly relatives, with many accounts of this type of abuse being of people using sympathy to get money out of the people they love. Taking control of your relative’s finances can be a good way to overcome this, and the law will usually be on your side if there are signs that abuse has been going on.

Neglect & Poor Care

Neglect is possibly the most common of the types of elder care abuse found in the modern world. Even when people don’t realize it, it can be all too easy to leave elderly people without the care and support they need. Forcing them to look after themselves, limiting their social interactions, and providing inadequate care are all elements of this, and they will often come as a package when someone is suffering the worst kinds of abuse.

As you can see, elder abuse can be a real problem when it isn’t addressed properly. Many people struggle to overcome issues like this, finding it hard to know when their loved ones are being abused. Thankfully, though, the law is usually able to support cases like this, making it easy to fight back once you see these issues impacting someone you care about.




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