Truly Enjoy Being A Grandparent, Choose From The Most Discreet Hearing Aids On The Market

Being a grandparent is wonderful fun, you have the enjoyment of spoiling those special children you adore, without the responsibility. The downside is though, now you’re older than when you had your children and bodies slowdown with age. When it’s your hearing that starts to go, communicating with your grandchildren becomes difficult. Thankfully there is a vast range of discreet hearing aids on the market that allow you to make the most of your time together.

In-Canal Devices

Just how discreet a model of hearing aid you choose will depend on the level of hearing loss you are experiencing along with a few other factors. If you’re lucky enough to have only mild to moderate hearing loss you can consider if hearing aids that sit fully in the ear canal are for you. These devices are so tiny that they are practically invisible to others. They’re a great option if you are self-conscious about requiring help with your hearing, or you spend a lot of time with small children who like to grab at things.

So Tiny

These tiny devices range for the Eargo Completely-In-Canal (CIC) device to the Signia In-The-Ear (ITE) and are the best hearing aids for true discretion. The difference here is that the CIC devices sit further down the ear canal, closer to the ear drum than the ITE types. However, as both styles are tiny and need to be properly positioned you need to be sure that you can easily grip the positioning stalk. If you suffer stiffness in your hands and fingers other styles may suit you better.

Staying In The Ear

There are other In-Canal devices that aren’t as small and therefore suit a wider range of hearing loss. Though visible, these hearing aids are still very discreet and can’t be easily knocked out (or grabbed at by little hands). The main downsides with these styles are due to the ear canal being filled, the wearer can feel blocked up which can be uncomfortable. Wax build-up can also be a problem as a result, so it’s important to keep the hearing aids and your ears clean.


If you think the tiniest hearing aids aren’t for you but are still looking for something slimline then Receiver-In-Ear styles maybe just what you’re looking for. They’re effectively a hybrid between traditional over the ear aids and the In-Canal models. Featuring a small case housing the microphones and processor, that sits behind the ear, and a speaker on a wire that fits into the ear canal.

Livio Edge AI

An outstanding option for RIE hearing aids is the Livio Edge AI, which have several options available to choose from. Coming in a range of colors you can choose a device to blend in with your hair or skin tone or make a statement with a contrasting color. Hearing aids in the past tended to come in tones of beige that suited no one, so this is advancement is as special as the technology inside!

And the technology in these wee devices is amazing. As the name implies, they make use of AI to constantly monitor and adjust the listening quality, thus providing the best sound possible. The inclusion of Bluetooth allows them to link with smart devices for phone calls and streaming music direct to your ears. This in place of coil loop and allows the user to follow a conversation without seeing the speaker’s face.


When all else fails, the traditional behind the ear style of hearing aid has come a long way in the last generation. Grandchildren of old may remember grandparents who would conveniently forget to wear their hearing aids as the sound wasn’t great. Or they were cumbersome to wear, especially with glasses. Your grandchildren need not have these memories, BTE devices now provide astonishing sound and have improved user-friendly design.

Best For Profound Loss

You’ll find that this style of hearing aid is best for profound hearing loss as they can carry the full range of available features. As a result, they are more powerful, with two microphones for multi directional sound pick up. With these features comes the ability to give a truly tailored hearing profile to the individual user. You’ll also find model with manual controls with BTE which is idea for users who aren’t good at smart phone technology or require help with their aids.

Using them with glasses can still be problematic, however there are work-arounds available with glasses clips raising spectacle arms above the hearing aid.


For a terrific range of BTE devices look no further than the Audicus range which features several discreet options. The behind the earpiece is connected to the in-ear receiver by a clear plastic tube which blends with your ear and hair. Regardless the color of the over-earpiece this provides a level of camouflage for discretion. The receiver sits comfortably in the ear, so you won’t feel the need to fidget and adjust it in a way that would pull attention to the device.

Within the case behind your ear is a lot of clever technology that brings you outstanding hearing quality. These devices are not only Bluetooth enabled, but also feature rechargeable batteries so there is not fiddling around trying to change tiny batteries. The hearing aid’s settings are controlled by the Audicus app from your smart phone, giving you full control at the swipe of a screen. And should you run across any issues, the comprehensive aftercare support ensures they’re dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Don’t let the fact that your hearing has started to decline affect the relationship you have with your grandchildren. With the wide range of hearing aids available on the market today you can improve the quality of your hearing with discretion and style. No more are grandparents going to be remembered for never having their hearing aids turned on and being hard to talk to as a result. Rather they’ll be remembered for funny conversations and all the fun things they did.



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