Trendy Fashion for Newborns in 2021

Is it just me or does it seem as though the cutest online baby boutiques keep popping up on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest? With so many new online baby stores coming up with the most fashionable designs and creative trendy baby outfits, it’s so hard to keep up. However, because most of them are so affordable it’s very tempting to splurge on your little one once you come across these adorable outfits. Looking for some new baby brands to add to your baby’s wardrobe? Here is a roundup of a few budget-friendly and very fashionable baby closet must-haves.

Baby gowns

Up until recently, it used to be all about the baby onesie. Today, baby gowns are taking all of the shine, and rightfully so. While some relate their popularity growing with the boho-nursery trend going up, others will say it has more to do with the convenience of not having to deal with buttons, zippers, or exposing baby’s chest during each diaper change with onesies having to zip all the way down for access. Either way, we are loving the knotted baby gown at Sandstone Avenue because of the specific color variety they have. From colors such as Terracotta to oatmeal to frost, these colors are so in especially in the world of fashion. Their sleek modern design also makes them look up to date and not like your grandmother’s era of baby gowns.

Zip rompers

As mentioned above, being able to only remove the bottom half of baby’s outfit makes diaper changes so much easier as well as keeping baby comfy. That is another reason why zip romper for babies at Zipease are growing in popularity. If you still prefer a onesie because of the “pants” feel but would like the benefits of a baby gown, Zipease is your go-to. All of their rompers and onesies have zipper closures at the bottom going across from leg to leg instead of up and down like regular onesies are designed to do. Also, Zipease has prints for both boys and girls and in popular colors so your baby will be stylish and comfy all at the same time.


Another newborn style growing in popularity are separates. Shops such as Little One Shop Co. are creating separates that look like us adults would wear if it came in our sizes. From matching long sleeve tops with pants to matching short sleeve tops with shorts, and even matching tank tops for girls, their pieces come in so many prints and colors it’s hard not to buy one of each. This is another way you can keep your little ones top on without having to undress them all the way during their diaper change.

Matching family tops

One of the best things about having a newborn are the endless opportunities you have to dress them in the cutest outfits and that includes mommy and me matching shirts at The Spunky Stork. Whether you want dad and big brother or sister to match along with you and baby or if you prefer the moment to be shared just between the two of you, The Spunky Stork has the cutest matching tops for the whole family in the cutest themes. These matching tops are perfect for a family photoshoot or party theme.

Baby carriers

Because every newborn is joined at mama’s hip — that is until they can crawl, they’ll need to be fashionably carried wherever mom goes. Baby carriers have so many benefits for both mom and baby. For one, newborns love being attached to mom so this is a way you can keep them close when they need you but also allows you to do other things such as tend to an older sibling, send an email off for work, or catch up on laundry. This is also another nursing essential for every new mom as it allows for easy feedings while at home or in public. There is a useful table on Ergobaby’s website that distinguishes the best baby carrier by type. Ergo Baby also has baby carriers in different prints and colors to go along with your little fashionista.

Don’t forget the accessories! Shops such as Bella Baby and Co. and Sweet May Co. design the cutest bows and bonnets for girls while other shops such as L’oved Baby make the most adorable knotted caps for boys. With so many choices we can all agree that our baby’s outfit of the day is one less thing we’ll have to worry about in today’s newborn fashion world.




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