A Traveller’s Guide to Packing Light

Are you travelling to a new city? There are so many benefits associated with packing light. You will save money on luggage fees when you check in at most airports with just one light luggage compared to two. Also, you will be able to enjoy activities like window shopping while walking with your luggage. Most people who choose to pack light do so because of their travelling lifestyle rather than just saving time or money.

Remember that when you are travelling to a new city you will be carrying your luggage most of the time. In case your luggage is light, you will be able to enjoy the city like a local resident without attracting unnecessary attention.

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Today, it is easy to identify tourists in big cities because of the large baggage they carry in the streets. This practice is not only tiresome but also exposes them to risk of theft. On the hand, travellers differentiate themselves from tourists by packing light. If you are a traveller going for a vacation or business trip and you are wondering how to pack light, our step by step guide will show you how to pack light without leaving behind important items.

Pack in advance

Packing ahead of time will help you know which items you should carry and which ones you can do without while travelling. However, when you pack on the eve of your travel, you are less likely to exercise judgment on what you should carry. For you to pack light, you should start packing seven days before travelling to a new city. This will allow you enough time and space to spread out items on the floor and scrutinize the ones you should carry. Also, you will avoid the last minute rush to the airport because you packed early.

Bring layers and not bulk

Sometimes it can be daunting if you are packing light for a cold weather city. The truth is that it is possible to pack light even if you are travelling to Antarctica. If you are travelling to a city that is cold, you should bring layers instead of heavy coats. Heavy coats can only be worn when it’s cold. Besides, it will consume a lot of space in your suitcase or bag. However, when you bring layers, you will have more options to wear on your trip while packing light.

This is because packing layers consume less space compared to packing heavy coats. For your pants, you can choose to carry leggings in addition to jeans or corduroy. For your tops, you can pack a long sleeve shirt as the base layer, a thin sweater, denim jacket and water resistant jackets.

If it is bulky you should wear it

In case you need to carry bulky items like boots or trench coat, you should wear them on the plane. If you feel too warm, you can keep them in the plane’s overhead bin. However, in case you are not sure whether the city you are travelling to is cold, you should leave behind your winter coat.

You can always buy one if you need one. Most of the time you will need to carry two pairs of shoes while travelling to a new city. For example, if you are a woman, you may need boots for walking while flat shoes for comfort indoors. To pack light, you should wear the bulky boots and pack the smaller flat shoes.

Come up with a checklist

Coming up with a checklist will help you stay disciplined on the items you should carry during your trip. Your checklist should include specific items you will need such as shirts or pants during your travel. If you are carrying shirts, it should be enough to cover the number of days for your trip. If you can minimize the list depending on items you can wash, the better.

Roll your clothes

Instead of folding your clothes and packing them, you should roll your clothes. This will create enough space to carry important items you need during your trip. The first thing you should do is to pack the bulky items like shoes and sweaters to the corner of your bag. This will help you conserve enough space to store other items in the middle of the bag. However, avoid the urge of carrying more than you need because you have enough space.

Pack toiletries last

The lightest items like toiletries should be packed last after you have packed other bulkier items. This will make it easier for security personnel to reach them at the airport. If you are carrying shampoo or conditioner, you will need to adhere to Transportation Security Administration regulations of three-ounce restriction to liquid toiletries. To save space on your bag, you may need to purchase these items once you arrive in your new city or use the shampoo provided by your hotel.




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