Top Reasons Why Books Make Great Gifts

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If you have followed my blog for ANY period of time you already know I’m an avid book lover! I recommended several books in my own #GiftReadyGuide for 2013.  I totally agree with this Infographic message to!
Presented By BookPal

BookPal is a book lover’s heaven I didn’t even know existed until now. However, I took a lot at this site and I have to say that I’m quite impressed with what I’m seeing. They even have a blog that is full of valuable information for the book lovers of the world too.

One of the things that impressed me right away was the fact that I can actually customize the type of book I want to order. I can get it as an ebook, custom branding, or even SIGNED copies. Plus I can order a single copy of a book or if I’m wanting to host a book club reading I can buy in bulk. The more that I order, the greater my savings are going to be too.

We already know I’m a HUGE Amazon fan, and I still have plenty of great things to say about them. However, I do believe BookPal is going to be a site to check out too for those books that are on my to read list.

You can find out more information about them on their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and even LinkedIn.

Have you ever heard of BookPal? 



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