Top 6 Best Luxury Perfume Brands That Might Interest You

If you interact with people often, there’s a big chance you love leaving a great impression. And if you are like most people, this means having some tricks up your sleeve to keep your social etiquette in check. It also means dressing appropriately for each occasion, reason, and season! 

Well, did you know that perfume is part of your outfit? Yes, you read that right! 

Your scent is an integral element of your identity and personality, plus perfumes can impact your own mood and even influence what people think about you. To cut the long story short, the right fragrance literally completes your outfit.

With this being said, you may want to get a perfume that really works for a style, which means choosing a personal fragrance from a trusted brand. These top five luxury perfume brands might attract your attention.

1. Jo Malone 

This is a British luxury perfume brand well known for its artisanal fragrances made from natural ingredients. One of their top-selling scents from the brand is perhaps the red rose cologne, which is sold in a fancy bottle design that keeps it unique and stylish.

To further add to the aesthetics, some of their perfumes come in an elegant cream-and-black box, alongside a bow-tie kind of finish that makes them really covetable.

And that’s not all! Jo Malone also offers a range of home fragrance products, from candles to diffusers, alongside other scented items like hand wash, bath, and body essentials. One of the best things about their products is that they’re made using ingredients from different sources, which are carefully combined to create a unique collection of fragrances.

2. Creed 

If you’re a lover of sports drama films, you might think of the Creed, the 2015 movie at the mention of the name. However, we’re talking about one of the most popular luxury perfume brands on the globe here. 

Yet another brand from the UK, Creed is well known for its huge range of masculine scents men can choose to fit any style, occasion, or personality. Some of the best selling perfumes in Creed’s collection include Aventus, Viking Cologne, Silver Mountain Water, and Green Irish Tweed, just to name a few. 

One of the most intriguing things about their perfumes is the sleek and minimalist bottle design, plus the scents are truly on another level. 

Even more interestingly, Creed is known to have been making hand-crafted men’s perfume from the mid-18th century! It can be worth a try for the gentlemen out there who want to express the masculine-yet-romantic spirit of self-respect.

3. Chanel

This is another renowned fragrance brand all over the world, especially for offerings like the popular Chanel Suit Chanel No. 5 perfumes. With a sleek design, their perfumes come in a classic bottle and can easily pair well with any well-planned outfit.

Moreover, there’s a wide range of other scents to choose from apart from the two mentioned above. For men, some of these include Bleu De Chanel, Egoïste, Platinum Egoïste, Allure, Pour Monsieur, Antaeus. 

Women also have a range of fragrance options to choose from, including Mademoiselle, Gabrielle Chanel, Chance, Les Grands Extraits, Coco, Allure, and N°19, just to name a few. 

If you are looking for that specific scent from Chanel, you can always ask your dealer if they have samples you can test or try out.

Apart from perfumes, it is also worth mentioning that Channel specializes in a wide variety of other products, from makeup to skincare, eye wear, jewelry, watches, and other fashion items.

4. Lalique 

From Flora Bella to Azalee, to Commedia, Lalique also stocks numerous types of stunning scents you may want to try out if you’re looking for a new scent. Lalique bottles are also incredibly stylish; they once were considered costlier than the perfume they held. 

Apart from perfumes, Lalique also produces an array of other fashion products, including jewelry, interior design pieces, art, and general decorative items.

5. Guerlain

This French fragrance brand has some of the most luxuriously designed perfume bottles. For years, they have been pioneers of modern perfumes, and their fragrances are often defined as iconic.  

Some of the most famous perfumes for men here include Vetiver, Habit Rouge, and Les Colognes, just to name a few. This is not to mention the likes of Samsara, Shalimar, insolence, L’heure Bleue , Champs Elysees, among others for women. And it doesn’t end there.

Apart from fragrances, Guerlain also specializes in bath and body products; make-up, skincare products like eye cream, face oil, masks, and a lot more.

Moreover, the French beauty and luxury perfume company has been around for almost two centuries considering it was founded in 1828. This should only show you that their products are well trusted and the brand highly respected. 

6. Giorgio Armani

Another one of the top perfume brands out there is Giorgio Armani, even though the company tends to focus more on clothing and other fashion items than perfumes. Some of its popular scents from its perfume line include Arrow, Tropic Breeze, and Giorgio Armani Black in Gold. You may find it hard to decide between the three, so here’s another option for you.

The best part is that GA has perfumes for both men and women, or “for him” and “for her,” as they love to call it. Moreover, the bottles are elegant and full of character, making them an awesome addition to any fragrance closet. 

You can expect to spend anything from 95 bucks to a hundred and something depending on where you shop your perfume, the fragrance you go for, and whether you have a perfume shop coupon.

The perfume world is rich and diverse, with different brands constantly adding new fragrances to their lineup to keep things interesting. The above list is by no means comprehensive, but it hopefully enlightened you with information on some of the top luxury perfume brands that you should know about.



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