Top 3 Wiper Blade Brands for 2013 Toyota Corolla

Looking for Toyota Corolla wiper blades? Naturally, you want the best combination of value and quality. You probably look at customer reviews, prices and features when you shop. That’s a great approach to wiper blade shopping: That leads you to top brands like Bosch, RainX and Duralast offering high-quality blades ranging between $15 and $40 per blade. But how do you pick the best ones and ensure they last? Keep reading to learn about wiper blade styles and proper care.

Why Are Wiper Blades Important?

Wiper blades play a large role in your driving safety. That’s because they directly impact visibility, especially in severe weather. You rely on them to clear away rain, snow, ice and other substances. While they get regular use throughout the year, you’re more likely to turn on your wipers during heavy rain or snowy seasons.

As you look for 2013 Toyota Corolla wiper blades, you should notice three types on the market: conventional, beam and hybrid. Conventional blades use the classic construction of a rubber squeegee attached to a metal frame with pivot points. Beam blades use a solid piece of rubber curved to conform to a windshield’s shape for precise coverage. Hybrid blades combine features from conventional and beam styles, using a metal frame with pivot points attached to an aerodynamic curved rubber shell.

Conventional, beam and hybrid blades all have their advantages. Conventional styles are the least expensive and provide good performance, but they can wear out more quickly with more frequent use in rainy or snowy weather. Beam blades cost more, but they contain no metal and clean more precisely – plus they can last up to twice as long. Hybrids clean efficiently similar to beam blades, but they cost less thanks to their construction. In terms of longevity and price, they’re right in the middle between conventional and beam blades.

How To Keep Wiper Blades in Good Condition

Believe it or not, it’s fairly easy to keep your wiper blades in great condition. When driving or performing regular maintenance, you’ll want to include a few good practices when tending to your wiper blades:

  • Squirt washer fluid onto the windshield before activating your wipers.
  • Do not use your wipers on dry glass. This creates more friction and wear.
  • Check and clean your blades monthly using windshield cleaner or wiper fluid.
  • Do not use your wipers to scrape away ice. Deicer can melt windshield ice quickly.
  • Don’t use your wipers to clear stuck-on debris. Scrub it away with a squeegee instead.
  • Clean your windshield regularly.            

A Few Final Words About Wiper Blades

Most wiper blades last between six and 12 months with proper use and care. Some styles, such as beam and hybrid, deliver longer lifespans thanks to their designs and materials. Beam blades can last up to twice as long, providing superior performance in heavy rain or snow. When considering windshield wiper replacement, pay attention to what you buy as well as where you buy. Choose blades that match your performance needs and purchase them from a trustworthy aftermarket parts retailer.




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