Tips to Finding Your Favorite Betting Sites

If  you’re into online betting and online casino games from time to time like myself, you’ve probably got a go-to list of your favorite online sites, but you’re always searching for something better to add to your list. A quick look on any search engine and you’ll be bombarded with 100’s of results making it pretty difficult to sort through it all. Whether it’s poker, casino games, or betting sites; you need to do your due diligence before loading up your account balance.


I personally like to compare UK betting sites as that’s where more of the action seems to be. Not only that but with so many competing sites, the chances of being scammed are significantly reduced as all of them are looking for your business. One of the best ways of finding high quality sites is to visit review sites. By visiting review sites, you can avoid wasting time on sites that don’t work well, have terrible customer service, don’t pay out or always delay the process, or simply are outright scams.

Review Sites – Features

Review sites are an excellent source because they will tell you everything you need to know. A good review site will tell you about the best features of a casino or betting site and what sets them apart from the others. Do they have a mobile app for their platform? Do you play online or is it download-only? How are the game selections? Does the site have all the features you are looking for?

Special Promotions?

A review site will almost always tell you about the promotions. All these online casinos and betting sites encourage their clients to play by offering all kinds of bonuses and special promotions. A review site will explain in detail what to look out for. Sometimes a promotion has a catch while other times it’s straight forward. A good review site will tell you about whether promotions apply to new members only or existing members only. And sometimes the bonuses are based on any new deposits being made.

The Pros and Cons

Online review sites will also let you know everything good and bad about a site. Do they offer quick and easy payments but their service is lacking if issues arise? These are the types of things one needs to know before making a deposit. If you’re business oriented, you can probably make an accurate judgement based on reviews about how well the company is doing. If there are too many complaints regarding payment issues, stay far, far away. You need to spend time comparing the pros and cons. And if two different review sites have conflicting reviews, skip it for the time being.

Give it a Shot

The only real way to find out about a betting site or casino is to go and try it but not before reading about them as much as possible. Sometimes, you even need to be worried about the review site itself!! Are the review sites actually owned by the casinos themselves? Personally for me, the best review sites are those with a community of people from all over the world having a discussion. That way, you know exactly what other people are experiencing. A review site with a chatboard/forum that is constantly active is your safest bet.




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