Tips For New Sparta Players:

If you have just started to play Sparta, you may be interested to know just how you should start getting ahead with some of the more experienced tips for players. Here are some of the top tips for new Sparta players interested in getting into this great online game.

Play the tutorial

Many players are quick to skip over the tutorial which is directly connected to some of the earlier missions in the game. The tutorial will show some of the best ways that you can unlock some of the top moves that Leonidas has as well as lead you through some of the first scenarios in the game. Follow through some of the first challenges and you can get a great idea of what there is in store through the rest of the game.

Take care of your resources

Some of the main resources in the game include cereal, wood, bronze and more. Obtaining these resources is usually as simple as looking for various lumberyards, forges and farms. You can often find these on the left of your screen and it’s important to complete divine missions to acquire more resources.

Follow YouTube guides

For building the best cities it’s always important to look into some the videos of Sparta on youtube. Some of the builds available on this platform make the process easier and can help you to identify some of the weaknesses and preferred units.

Focus on supply

Buildings are extremely important to improving your resources throughout Sparta. The warehouse and the granary help you to determine the types of resources which are available for harvest and how you can develop your resources to move forward.

Always start something while you sleep

Start upgrades before you go to bed and do what you can to start time consuming actions when you are going to work or when you go to bed. Saving time and scheduling your progress will help you to go further in Sparta.

Balance your units

Striking a balance between offense and defense of units for your city is essential to maintaining order and balance for your Sparta experience. Going all offense or all defense will likely make you extremely vulnerable.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for maintaining your Sparta units and building a base for the future.



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