Is It Time To Upgrade Your Automobile?

For a good portion of the world’s parents the struggle with the family car is just part of the daily grind. A phrase like “It works just fine!” is a litany repeated almost as much as “it’s not that bad!” Chances are though; if you feel compelled to defend your car with “its fine!” it’s probably time to consider an upgrade.

The confusing mess that is trying to sell your car is lessened now by the internet. There’s a multitude of websites (craigslist, eBay) out there ready to help you find the right change.

There are a variety of good reasons you should upgrade your car, especially if you’re a parent. Being a mom means being a taxi service on top of everything else. Having a good car will go a long way towards a more functional life and save you thousands of headaches.


New cars are released every year, and while it’s impractical to get a new car every year, it’s important to upgrade periodically. Part of the reason there are new cars produced so often is the natural progression of technology. New technology in cars is generally given towards improving the safety of the vehicles. As such a car produced in 2010 will have a better crash safety rating than a car produced in 1990.

Fuel Efficiency

Another area of technological improvements made in cars comes to fuel efficiency. Newer vehicles have improved fuel efficiency, costing you less in the long run to make your daily trips as gas prices soar higher and higher. Another benefit of the improved fuel efficiency would be that it would allow you to get a bigger vehicle without using more gas than you already do. Just think of it more seats, more foot room, more storage, and better fuel economy. A bigger vehicle will mean you can store all the gear your kids need on the go without compromising your view, and the better fuel economy will be better for your pocket book and better for the environment.


You need to be able to trust that your car will go when you push the accelerator and stop when you hit the brakes. There are dozens of different components that go into making your car do the basic things it’s supposed to: turn on, stop, go, turn, and go in a straight line. As your car ages the mechanics are bound to fail, first one thing then the others in quick succession.

When you upgrade you reduce the fear that you’re going to get stranded with a car full of scared and upset kids by the side of the road waiting for a tow truck and missing the big game o dance recital. Newer cars come with fewer headaches and fears. The less time you spend working on your car is more time you can spend enjoying your family.


Have your kids opted to walk instead of let you drive them the twenty blocks to school? Have they reacted in horror at the idea of you picking them up from a friend’s house? Let’s just ask the plain question: are your kids embarrassed by your car?

And an even more relevant question: are you in love with the way your car looks? Recently there have been bounding steps forward when it comes to car interiors and exteriors. Luxury is the name of the game. And luxury isn’t an elitist thing anymore, it’s for everybody. Your upgraded car will come with all sorts of treats and features that will fit your busy lifestyle and sense of style.

Sooner the Better!

When you upgrade your car, or “trade in” your car, the value of your current vehicle will affect the kind of budget you’ll get for your new one. The older your current car, the lower its value, that’s juts basic economics.
The sooner you upgrade the fatter your stack of cash will be. The fatter your stack of sweet trade-in cash, the bigger your new car budget is going to be. The bigger your car budget the better your new car will be.

It’s important to keep your car up to date; taking good care of your current one will extend its life and keep the resale value at the top end of things. But don’t let the fear and trickery of a used car dealer convince you to hold onto your out of date, unsafe and unreliable car longer than you should. Upgrade, and be glad that you did. If you find yourself defending your rust bucket with a “it works just fine thank you” maybe it’s time to consider getting something a little safer, if not for you, for your kids. Upgrade your automobile. You won’t be sorry about it.




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