Tie-Dye Fun With The Kids

We were given the chance to review Oriental Trading’s Tulip® Super Big Tie-Dye Kit. I had been eager to do this with my grandkids. This tie-dye kit comes complete with 12 bright colors, the dyes, 8 squeeze bottles, latex-free gloves, rubber bands, and surface protector and a project guide. I attempted to do a project with the kids, but that ended up becoming futile. They had a lot of fun though, and to me that’s what matters most.

The Steps to the Perfect Tie-Dye Creation

  1. Take whatever product you’re tie-dying and twist it up and add rubber bands. The more rubber bands the more room for design.
  2. Put plastic down all over the table and floor in your work area.
  3. Put on gloves BEFORE you mess with any dye.
  4. Add water to the bottles with the dye already in them.
  5. Shake until the colors are really dark. The darker the colors the better the results.
  6. Add your die to your product according the to project directions that you choose to do.
  7. Let dye dry for at least 24 hours.
  8. Then rinse product off until the water runs clear over the entire product.
  9. Wash in cold water.
  10. Enjoy your finished results.

Tie-Dye Fun With The Kids

Our Project

Crystal wanted to try and salvage a green dress. I knew it wouldn’t really turn out to well with the tie-dye kit, but I had figured if we used dark enough colors it may be able to turn into a pretty dress. At least that was the intention.

I’m an easy going type of Granny who loves to see what the kids come up with while they are doing their crafts. They were just having fun just being able to squirt dye all over the dress as they saw fit. Delbert loves yellow and Jimmy loves green, and since the dress is green those colors didn’t show up. Zeva and Crystal were the only ones using dark colors, but they were trying to be considerate of the boy’s space so there are MAJOR gaps where there their colors were used. It is no longer wearable, but the kids have a memory they will always hang onto.

About This Tie-Dyed Kit

First this craft kit did not come with enough gloves for several people to do it. Plus I didn’t feel there was enough plastic included to protect my table, but I already own a huge roll of plastic so it worked out. I do feel that the yellow and green colors were very weak, but that could have been user error.

I’m not one to push the kids to do my bidding when it comes to their crafts. I love to see what they come up with. If Crystal had chosen a white or light colored dress their creation would have been beautiful I’m sure. Crystal was determined to fix this green dress.

I think overall this kit was a good tie-dye kit to invest in. I know we had fun using it. It does have all the materials needed to make a basic design. If we had used a white shirt or a different color product as our base we would have had a product well worth sharing! Either way, we had fun and were grateful to be able to use it. Plus it is a memory we will never forget.

Have you done a tie-dyed creation?


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