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Another one of my dear blogger friends got a bunch of extra Our Daily Bread  books, and she was kind enough to send one to me. I love these little devotions. I use to read them growing up all the time. I would read the verses that went with them, and if I had time I’d read the passages for the day. It never seizes to amaze me how much I ended up reading more of the Bible than I started out reading.

Today’s passage was very fitting because I’m struggling with being the type of mother who can overlook my kids ungrateful behavior lately. They have not been appreciating the food put in front of them, the privileges they have available to them to do, and so many other things. I guess over the summer months it is more IN MY FACE than other times of the year.

As parents we ALL have to deal with this stage at one time or another. The verse for today that made me see things in a different light was Luke 6:35. God has been kind to people who don’t even appreciate all he’s done for them.

If he can do it then I should definitely be able to do it with these three lovely blessings he has graciously given to me to care for. That doesn’t mean, I’m going to run and fix them a different meal just because they decided to turn their noses up to what I put in front of them. It does mean though that I will not get filled with anger over it.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store with Jimmy and there was this older white woman who was quite literally blocking the isle in the grocery store. The lady in front of me asked her nicely to move since the older woman definitely appeared to be done with where she was, and we needed to get through. This older woman proceeded to give the lady in front of me pure attitude, and it definitely seemed to be a racial issue once she saw the lady requesting her to move was black. Especially when she called her names as she was walking away.

The woman in front of me was nothing but pleasant, patient, and purely kind throughout the entire ordeal! I told her she handled that situation very well. Her response was, I always think about “What Would Jesus Do?” I told her that was a marvelous outlook on life. Today’s story further backs up her position on life with the verses they express from Luke 6: 27-31.

We are all living examples. I know I fall short of being a good example many times over in my daily life. I’m trying like crazy to fix that. It’s amazing how the more time I spend reading devotionals, wonderful bloggers who share their life stories and how God is working in their lives, and reading books or watching movies filled with his word my attitude is better. My ability to handle being the stay-at-home mother dealing with three kids, the in-laws and their drama, and just life in general is on more solid ground than without my relationship booming with God.

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Do you spend quality time making a connection with God daily? Does it improve your day? 



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