Things to Do When Commuting

Commuting is a mundane activity that almost everyone does mindlessly. It’s like everyone who commutes goes on autopilot when doing it. If there’s anything anyone pays attention to, it’s the complaints like stagnant traffic, heat, or discomfort. There are things, however, that can be done to make commuting better. The time spent commuting can be made productive or somewhat more enjoyable.

This post is not about the usual things you can do while commuting like listening to music or playing casual mobile games. The goal here is to present typical but still doable ideas as you ride on public transportation.


Using Apps that Let You Earn Money

There are mobile apps that can let you earn real money. If playing at online casinos is not your thing, you can try these mobile apps. You can try Bitwalking, which lets you make “Bitwalking dollars” for simply going about your daily activities. If you are fond of taking photos, you can use MiPic and sell your photos. You may also want to try Google Opinion Rewards to answer surveys and get rewarded. These apps certainly wouldn’t be able to replace your day job or make you rich, but they can let you accumulate some rewards that should be better than nothing.

Planning Your Day

Make your commuting time productive by coming up with your plans for the day. Instead of just listening to music or playing mobile games, you can come up with your daily to-do list as you commute. You can come up with your lists using a smartphone app or by using a good ol’ pen and paper. Commuting is a good time for creating your to-do list or rough plan for the day.

Clearing Your Inbox

Commuting can also be a good time for reviewing the contents of your email inbox. Why wait to be in your office to review your inbox if you can do it on the go? Doing this will save around half an hour you would usually spend reviewing your emails when you’re in the office. It can help boost your productivity.

To emphasize, this is not just about checking the new emails you have received. This is about checking all of your unread emails so you can tag spam emails as spam and respond to emails you still haven’t responded to.

Getting Updated

The time you spend commuting is a good time to read or listen to news. It can also be a good time to check out what’s happening with your friends, acquaintances, or workmates on social media. As much as possible, avoid using social media at work. It is easily one of the leading causes of productivity loss. There have been a number of studies that provide evidence for the negative effect of social media on productivity. It only makes sense checking news and social media while commuting.

Learning Something New

If your commuting time is quite long, make good use of the time by learning something new. If you are not the one driving, you can read how-to or self-help books. You can watch video tutorials. You can also try learning a new language. There are many apps that can help you do these things effectively. There’s no need to enroll in a language class to be able to read and speak in another language. You can slowly achieve this on your own with the help of a mobile app, while commuting.

Reading or Listening to Useful Content

Another good idea for an activity while commuting is reading or listening to podcasts. If you have bookmarked an interesting and relevant online article before, it would be a good idea to go back to it as you travel using public transportation. You can also listen to podcasts featuring topics you are interested in. Find content that can provide something useful to you.

As much as possible, avoid reading articles or listening to podcasts that only tend to irritate or stress you out. Don’t ruin your day by listening to a political podcast that riles you. Avoid articles that may only raise your blood pressure. Go for something positive, informative, or inspiring. You may want to consider the following podcast options: TED Talks, Radiolab, The Growth Show, or NPR podcasts.

Playing Mobile Games for Money

This is not just about playing casual games on your smartphone. This is about going beyond just having fun playing a mobile game. You can play mobile casino games for real money, for example. Instead of just playing a popular game on your smartphone, if you are a gambling enthusiast, consider playing at online casinos with the chance to win real money. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will win, but at least, if you do, you can accumulate real money.

Mobile casino games can be played through apps or directly through a mobile web browser. There are tons of game options to choose from, e.g. slots, card games, roulette, and live dealer games. Since you will be playing while commuting, try to choose games that only take a short time to play and won’t require a lot of your attention.


An article published on includes an intriguing suggestion: worrying. Accordingly, the time you spend commuting can be a good time to release your feelings of being stressed or anxious about the work ahead. If you spend around 6 minutes of your time worrying, you supposedly can then return to your old state, more confident and reassured. This may not work with everyone but it’s something worth trying.

The next time you commute, consider the ideas mentioned above. Don’t just settle for the mundane and typical, like listening to music or playing casual games on your smartphone or tablet. Make the most out of the time you spend commuting by doing worthwhile things like learning something new, getting your news and social media updates, or playing online to make money.

There are so many things that make a person worry. And if you don’t take time to think about them and find solutions, it can be detrimental to your health. It can lead to stress and, to other extents, depression. You can worry about your financial status, career, children, mental and physical well-being, and love life, to mention a few.

While commuting, this is the right time to find solutions to such worries. And after doing so, it can help you to proceed with your day by being productive. For instance, if you worry about your finances, use this time to identify brilliant ways to supplement your income. If you have any mental issues, it would be best to research the right therapist to consult. If you have any long-term illnesses such as arthritis, you should consider various treatments, such as getting an ankle joint replacement. If you haven’t found your soulmate, why not sign up for different online dating apps? Finding such solutions can help you live a happy and healthier life.




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