The Handwriting Difference

I Love Pens, markers, and any kind of writing tool.

I have a strong passion with them since I write many letters by hand still to loved ones who have a greater appreciation for letters sent by mail that are hand written verses having them wrote via a computer and sent by email. Plus I also do still pull out my own personal journal and write in it from time to time as well. Not to mention, I do take a lot of notes from live events that I attend online.

Plus I also have Jimmy doing a lot of writing via pen still, so he gets the pleasure of trying out different pens with me. It will amaze you the difference your handwriting takes on depending on the type of pen you use as well. Of course, there are people who stick with certain types of pens all the time that they never change to see the difference in the quality of their writing.

I won’t even go into the amount of writing I do with grading the kids paperwork and making notes on their work. (Granted, I only currently have to grade two kids paperwork, but imagine if your a teacher how valuable a pen is!!)

Office supplies are very important still in today’s society despite the amount of things that can be done electronically.

I once feared that wouldn’t be the case much longer, but I still see how much I use and feel it’s here to stay for quite some time. Plus not to mention, they are coming out with many new types of writing utensils all the time.

So, with that being said…This BIC EZ wite-out correction tape was not the finest one I’ve used. I got one use out of it, and it literally doesn’t work now at all. Of course, I’m not a huge fan of correction tape to start with. I like the good ole’ fashion liquid white out when I have to use it. Luckily, I don’t need this type of product often, but this is honestly more frustrating than it is worth.


I was hoping it would work because the way it feels in your hands is easy to grip and control. It doesn’t leave gobs like the liquid version does. Plus I didn’t have to wait for the white out to dry. So, like everything there are pros to it as well! Now this little pen is fun to use. The BIC Velocity Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pen  makes my handwriting look pretty and bold. It’s easy to hold for extended periods of time. Plus I feel it’s a good quality pen for the price range. I have always loved gel pens. I would have to say that this one is quite comparable to it’s competitors versions. This BIC Mark-It Grip Permanent Marker Set     is a pretty decent set of markers to use. They are a bit bulky feeling when your holding them, but once you get use to the feel of them then you can appreciate how well they write and color things in. It is nice to have the fine point tip to use when your making posters using them. Yet, you know you have the ability to color in large sections with ease as well without fear of the tip being ruined as a result.

Now the BIC Atlantis Ballpoint Retractable Pen  has to the pen I’ve been grabbing the most since I’ve got this kit to review. I have fallen in love with the way it feels when I hold it. Not to mention how great my handwriting looks when I use it. Plus when I use it, I feel so lady like just because of the color of the pen. You know how when your a little kid, you want to hold the most unique pencils and pens… well, I’m an adult who still does that. 😉 

The BIC Atlanta Ballpoint Retractable Pen   is pen is unique. It writes very well. However, I feel like it’s going to get stuck open because of the way the clicker is made. (I am one of those who makes sure my pens are never left open!!) It gives my handwriting a nice smooth look to it, but it’s not very bold and professional like compared to the other two pens. It does have a nice soft grip to it, and it’s thin as well.



Disclosure: I got these products to review via In no way, did that affect my opinion of these products.



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