The World Gambling Championships: Who Are the Best Casino Gamblers in the World?

Casino gambling is a fun experience for all who venture into it. Most people take it as a form of entertainment, playing games with little wagers and hoping to win some amount of money occasionally. However, there’s a progressive group of players who are enthusiastic and courageous enough to make a career out of it. For such people, it’s the same as being a football star or a hockey champion. They are happy to practice to develop their skills and compete to be able to rake in wins and titles.

The easiest way for the top gamblers to collect their accolades is through championships that determine winners. At least for a year, or until the next event, they can be regarded as the best, which undoubtedly tickles their vanity. Professional gamblers don’t just jump into gameplay, though, and like them, you should practice your skills with bonuses like the 15 free spins at GGbet casino before risking your funds. Come along; let’s explore these top championships and the casino GOATs.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP)

The WSOP is a legendary tournament that began in 1970. Don’t go thinking it’s child’s play. Unlike many other championships, the WSOP hosts an open main event that accepts amateurs and pros alike. This means you could make your way to the final table whether you are a recognized player or not. The buy-in for the event is a whopping $10,000, but there are other ways to get free access. This event is so big that the 2023 season had over 10,000 participants, with the winner walking away with a $12 million pot. The champions of the stages in this tournament are awarded WSOP bracelets in addition to their cash prizes.

If we were to crown the best poker gamblers from this tournament, these champions would take the lead:

  • Phil Hellmuth: Holds 17 WSOP bracelets
  • Doyle Brunson: Holds 10 WSOP bracelets
  • Phil Ivey: Holds 10 WSOP bracelets.
  • Johnny Chan: 10 WSOP bracelets.

World Poker Tour (WPT) Championship

Since 2002, the World Poker Tour has offered a series of international tournaments that have created a thrill and excitement for poker fans. This annual event also has a big buy-in of over $10,000, allowing all players a chance to win a hefty prize pool. On average, 2,500 players sign up to participate in the series of tournaments for several months in the year. You’ll see the best players at this event. The 2023 event had a prize pool of $40 million, the biggest ever recorded for this tournament. Richard Lee won the main event, which had about 600 participants.

Some winners over the past years and their wins are;

  • Yevhen Tymoshenko: $2,149,960 in 2009;
  • David Chu: $3,389,140 in 2008;
  • Carlos Mortensen: $3,970,415 in 2007;
  • Joseph Bartholdi: $3,760,165 in 2006.

World Series of Blackjack

Although this event no longer runs, it remains a major gambling championship for every blackjack fan. It lasted four years, running from 2004 through 2007 and paying out over $1 million in total. The first season didn’t do very well, attracting only 25 players who played a six-deck shoe. With minimum and maximum bets set at $100 and $5,000, respectively, these gamblers had a fun time doubling down and splitting their way to victory with $10,000 in chips.

The event was televised, and in 2005, more players turned up, increasing the pot to $250,000, which Ken Einiger walked away with. The minimum and maximum bets became $1,000 and $50,000 in this season of the championship. The following season saw Jeff Bernstein win $500,000, and in the fourth and final season, Alice Walker won a prize pool of half a million USD.

Other Blackjack Championships

Land-based blackjack tournaments occur frequently, with some top ones hosted in the Sin City of Las Vegas and the beautiful gambling hub that is Monte Carlo. The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas holds one of the largest events annually, with huge buy-ins and a prize pool that goes as high as $100,000. Sun Casino in Monte Carlo hosts the annual Blackjack Tour, another fun event you can check in to and aim for big wins.

Crowning Royalty

Some players are crowned royalty, but it doesn’t come easy. These guys mastered their craft, practicing their preferred games and crowning their efforts with incredible wins. This could be you; you just have to put in the work. Don’t jump into a tournament to prove yourself yet; take your time to learn and perfect your skills. Take advantage of online casinos and bonuses and enjoy the gameplay while gambling responsibly.




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