The Top New TV Series to Stream

The introduction of streaming services has opened up numerous viewing possibilities for us to enjoy, but with so much to choose from, which is best? A look at a few currently popular series on the biggest streaming services reveals the most exciting options to consider.

House of the Dragon – HBO Max

This prequel to the iconic Game of Thrones takes us back two centuries to see how the House of Targaryen rose to power and how events led to the civil war of succession arising. Viewers of the original series may get confused with some of the names, but this useful Targaryen family tree designed by ExpressVPN shows us how characters from different generations are linked. This graphic also confirms that Aerys II was the last in the family to sit on the Iron Throne.

House of the Dragon has divided opinion among viewers since its release on HBO Max, with some dramatic twists and moments of tension mixed with some slower sections that don’t quite work for everyone. Anyone who enjoyed Game of Thrones will want to take a look at the new series and most should enjoy it, but some of them might find that the characters are less compelling than in the original.

Outer Range – Amazon Prime Video

Arguably the best show currently running on Amazon Prime, Outer Range is a science fiction drama with a Western setting. The first season premiered in April this year and a second season has already been confirmed. In this show, the main character is named Royal Abbott, and he’s a rancher played by Josh Brolin who needs to fight to keep the family’s land, while a strange black hole appears on the ranch.

The arrival of the mysterious Autumn, played by Imogen Poots, adds to the drama. In the first episode, we’re introduced to the main characters and see the apparently bottomless void that appeared on Abbott’s land. Reviews have largely been positive, with fans enjoying the variety of subplots and the feeling of this being a strange, deep show that appears to have a lot more to offer in the next season.

Stranger Things – Netflix

The release of the fourth season of this science fiction horror show in May this year renewed interest in it, and helped to cement it as one of the best streaming options right now. The first three seasons are still listed too, so it’s possible to go all the way back and start at the beginning when Will Byers disappears and a girl named Eleven appears in the town.

Many fans believe that the fourth series of this show is the best yet and are eagerly looking forward to the fifth season of Stranger Things that should be available in 2023. Some reports suggest that the new series will have eight episodes and enough fresh twists to keep viewers hooked. It hasn’t yet been confirmed if the fifth season will be the last.

These are just a few of the many options now available for streaming and offer a solid introduction to any of the services for anyone who’s new to them.




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