The Top 4 Plumbing Issues (That You Should Never Try To Fix On Your Own)         

DIY plumbing is a decent way to save some time and money. Whether you’re using Drano and a snake to clean a pesky shower clog, or replacing a toilet with a brand-new model, there are quite a few plumbing jobs that are quite simple, and can easily be done with a few simple hand tools, and some know-how from YouTube and Google searches.

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But that’s not always the case. There are some plumbing jobs that are too difficult, confusing, or just plain unpleasant for even the most seasoned DIY’er. For those jobs, you’re better off hiring a professional.

What are a few examples of these kinds of jobs and plumbing repairs? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article. Keep reading, and learn about the top 4 plumbing issues that you should never try to fix on your own.

  1. Leaking Or Malfunctioning Pipes

This may seem a bit vague, but it’s true, for the most part. Leaks in one part of a pipe can indicate problems with other pipes elsewhere in your home. That leaking sink or water leak near your hot water heater could be indicative of many other problems.

If you try to take apart your piping and replace it yourself, you could cause additional problems if the pipe is not the right material or width, or if it’s at risk of freezing. And you could easily find yourself in “too deep”, and beyond your comfort zone if it turns out that you have to find and replace multiple leaks.

That’s why it’s best to call a professional to deal with issues like leaky pipes or malfunctions. They’ll know how to troubleshoot the issue, and find the problem – without wasting hours puzzling over plumbing diagrams, and taking a half-dozen trips to the hardware store.

  1. Issues With Your Hot Water Heater

If you’ve never worked with a hot water heater before, now is not the time to start. Hot water heaters often use gas lines and are under tremendous pressure, making them dangerous for DIY’ers to work on and fix.

There are a few basic things you can do yourself, like test water flow and look at your thermostat to check if the water heater is working properly. But for any repair or replacement work, it’s best to hire a professional – especially because this will involve both gas and water line plumbing.

In addition, installing a water heater incorrectly could lead to a number of issues like gas leaks, premature failure, and other serious problems. It’s not worth it – hire a professional.

  1. Septic Tank Work

Remember when we said that some of these tasks weren’t that hard – but just unpleasant? Septic tank repair falls under both categories.

If you have a septic tank issue, such as a leak, it can be very difficult to fix, and involve excavating and repairing your entire septic tank. This process is nearly impossible if you’ve never done it before, and typically requires heavy-duty construction equipment.

Not only are septic tanks unpleasant to work with, they’re very delicate, and improper servicing can lead to even more expensive issues. Call a pro if you suspect a septic tank issue. Never try to fix it yourself.

  1. Renovating A Kitchen Or Installing A New Dishwasher

Running new pipes and installing a dishwasher in a kitchen is a tough project. You need to move and install water and drainage lines, ensure that you choose pipes that fit with your cabinets, check for proper water flow – it’s not a job for anyone who has no plumbing experience.

A dishwasher isn’t like a washer or dryer. You can’t just “plug and play”. It has to be integrated into your cabinets, and set up properly – or you risk flooding and damaging your brand-new kitchen.

Trust only an experienced plumber to run pipes and fittings for your kitchen sink or dishwasher – even if you’re confident that you can do the rest of the renovations yourself.

Leave These Repairs To The Professionals

Even if you’re handy, and have worked on plumbing projects in the past, it’s best to leave these jobs to seasoned plumbing contractors, who have the tools, experience, and know-how to get them done – and save you quite a bit of time, money, and frustration.



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