The Strongest One

I read the story The Strongest One, which was actually a rewrite of the story Pushing Up the Sky by Joseph Bruchac, a while back with Delbert as part of his school assignment, and it has stuck with me ever sense we’ve read it.  It was cute story and we had a lot of fun reading it. However, when we read the ending of the story it really made me think about the fact that there really is only one being that is The STRONGEST One. That happens to be God, the one who made us in his image. I’m not a Bible scholar, but what I am is a woman who believes in him being the all-powerful and the strongest one that we ALL need in our lives.

I’m going to start this post off with a quote from the story and lead into how profound I found this one little kids story to be.

“I have learned that everything is stronger than something else.  And even though we ants are small, in some ways we are the strongest of all.” By Joseph Bruchac

This quote made me think about the fact that as humans we strive to be the strongest one. It starts from when we are kids. Shoot, I captured a picture of Delbert and Zeva having it out trying to have a show down of them trying to be the the strongest one. Even then I knew it would be a good blog post picture, but I had no clue it was going to be used for a topic so intense.

At least it feels intense to me to wrap my head around the fact that I’ll NEVER be the strongest one of or even the most successful being to ever live. I can’t be because I can never beat the master. He is the one who created me knowing what my future holds (Jeremiah 29:11) long before I do. He created me to have a purpose.

This Story Opened Up Communication

The Strongest One story opened up a full on chance for me to have to have a full and deep conversation with Delbert about the fact that all of us are strong for our own reasons. We all have strengths that make us worthy of being here. God has a plan and purpose for us to be here.

Even when we are weak, God still uses our weaknesses for his greater good. After all, it clearly states in the Bible, “For when I am weak, then I am strong (2 Corinthians 12:10.” For me though, this verse reminds me that God is strong enough to hold me up when I am weak. When I don’t have the strength to go on he’s there to help me to do it.

There is only ONE Strongest One

Throughout the story The Strongest One there is a constant reminder that there is always a being stronger than someone else. In the ant’s case, it’s a group of beings. I am a firm believer that as a nation when humans work together for a greater good, we too, are able to be the strongest of them all. BUT we all need to put of confidence in the Lord to give us the strength and group of people we need to make things happen.

I have wondered for a while now if as a society if we’re really too busy trying to be the strongest one that we’re forgetting that we never can be that person. Instead, we need to spend that energy on being the most faithful to God and following his lead for our lives? I know I fall short of doing this myself, so I’m not trying to say that I’m doing well in this avenue because I’m not. (That’s why I used the “we” term!)

What are your thoughts?

Do you think we’re spending too much time trying to be the strongest one?



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