The Little Moments, Like Trying to Capture Kids Picture

Zeva decided today that she wanted to climb up on the love seat all by her little self. I was totally amazed and surprised to see her on the love seat. I immediately pulled out my camera to take pictures of her little sneaky self.


As you can see she gave me the most adorable pose and smile. So I decided to take a picture of ALL the kids at once. Only to end up with this series of pictures for about 45 minutes…(I did not want to post all of the picture attempts and bore you with every detail..these are just the finest of the pick.)


As you can tell Zeva decided to be a little ham and a half once I got the boys involved. She started blowing bubbles. When I got on her to smile for me, she first decided to give me the WIDE mouth smile. Then that just got laughs but me still after her to she caved and gave me the half smile. Then she didn’t want to sit still anymore. Then she decided to look at Delbert to see how he was doing it repeatedly.

Then we FINALLY got this lovely picture……..drum roll….drum roll…..a little tap…


It isn’t as good as I was hoping for. However, it did turn out decent.

I did get a handsome good looking picture of my wonderful husband.


We had a good time taking pictures today. We’ve been spending time together hanging out and playing together. We’re getting ready to watch the Video Game Awards tonight, and I must admit I’m a bit excited about it this year because we have played so many of the new games. Plus Del got me hooked on some video games.

I love the new service that helped me edit these pictures and add some special touches to them. If you are like me and don’t have a lot of time to invest in learning new tricks and tips with photos (right now) then you may want to check out Pic Monkey .

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  1. Aw! I love that you just stopped to take photos for awhile! You have a beautiful family!

    Thank you so much for linking up with A Beautiful Ruckus! I’d love to see more next week! 🙂


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