The Importance of Divorce Mediation

Divorce is messy and difficult.  It doesn’t matter a single bit whether there are legitimate reasons for the divorce or not; it’s going to get ugly.  Numerous cases exist wherein people who were put upon by an unfaithful spouse, divorced by that unfaithful spouse, and taken for everything they had, still got the rough end of the media stick.  That’s because divorce itself is oftentimes immediately assumed to be immoral by those without the proceedings.  Whether or not people understand both sides of the divorce, they’re going to form their opinions.  That’s just how mankind is.  Divorce is taboo, even in the modern world where acquiring a divorce is easier than ever before.  And for most intents and purposes, it should be taboo.  Whether or not the reasons for a divorce are legitimate, this legal exercise is a life-ruining, life-changing, mind-altering event.  Many people who go through a divorce are never the same when they come out the other end of it.  If you’ve been cheated on by a spouse, it affects your ability to go about life with any of the old confidence.  If you’ve cheated on your spouse, then there’s the weight of guilt which presses down upon you.  Tack on a public perception that is pro or anti divorce, and suddenly just getting out of bed in the morning becomes a chore.

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One way to ease the transition which comes in divorce is through cogent public relations.  Especially in high profile divorce cases, economic assets could be gained or lost.  Sometimes a divorce is bad for business, sometimes it’s good for business.  Courts in modernity have a definite slant toward the female in any situation where a divorce is taking place.  If she was married to a man of substantial wealth, he stands to lose a great deal of it.  This is bad for him economically, and good for her.  But in addition to that, if the divorce took place between a high profile couple like, say, several politicians holding visible public offices, it could affect said politicians’ ability to be re-elected.  If a constituency has a traditional view of marriage, and a man in public office divorces his wife for having numerous affairs on him, he is still seen as the guilty party in the mind of the public.  They see the word “divorce” and don’t read any further.  Meanwhile, if a woman divorces a man for no reason other than opportunism, there are likewise accolades which could be garnered from feminist groups and other empowering organizations of modernity which seem to ignore morality in lieu of advocacy.

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Liase Divorce Solutions is local to the Bay Area, and provides an alternative means of dispute resolution.  Their services help clients in divorce proceedings, custody battles, mediation of dispute surrounding real estate, and a variety of other exigencies which necessarily crop up during cases of divorce.  Liase is one of many options which offer an alternative to expensive attorneys and legal fees.  Lawyers are notorious for having greater regard toward monetary increase from a high profile divorce case; it’s good to avoid their services if at all possible.

Divorce is a reality in the modern world, and rates of divorce are increasing as media moguls promote promiscuity and denigrate monogamy.  It is in human nature to go against that which is right.  When the mainstream promotes this ideology, it is only a matter of time before nations crumble.  In the meantime, marriage and divorce are more perilous than ever before, and it makes sense to have solid mediation at realistic prices.  Divorce isn’t pretty; but sometimes it’s needed.

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