The Hunt For the Perfect Flip Flop

Summer officially starts in 15 days. Of course, if you live in the same zone as me, it feels like it’s already started. I’m all about wearing my sandals and flip flops all throughout spring and summer. I literally was on a huge flip flop shopping spree this year. I did eventually find a pair, but they don’t seem to be holding up to getting wet. Now I don’t know about you but when I wear my flip flops they are worn around the pool and beach. I want my thong flip flops to stay nice all summer long and beyond.

I was doing some surfing looking for new flip flops when I came across many different kinds that caught my attention. Did you know that there are Reef flip flops with bottle opener on the bottom? I can easily picture my brother wearing these when he’s on the beach.

I didn’t realize how hard it was to find flip flops that were made to last in size 10 until this year at a reasonable rate. However, I found a few pairs of shoes that I liked on the website. It is filled with several pairs of adorable looking shoes to choose from. I like they have the option of choosing from regular flip flops all the way to leather sandals for women.

I don’t follow the fashion flip flop rules concerning keeping my feet looking pretty. I break the rules! Some rules are just meant to be broken. Don’t ever look down at my feet when I’m wearing sandals or flip flops. Yet, I can’t stand the idea of having my feet covered up during the hot summer days. I do what I can to make them look presentable, but they have a long way to go for sure!

What is your favorite place to buy flip flops and sandals?





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