The Gambling Sector Statistics for Kenya

A recent study points to a high percentage of live betting in Kenya and the impact that the mobile sector played in its growth.

Study Results

A study conducted by GeoPoll points out 57 per cent of adults in Kenya have used some sort of gambling in their lives. There is a prevalence of male users with almost 70% and less in female players with 44 per cent. Out of the total number of gamblers, nearly 50% gambles once a month or less and 10 per cent are regular bettors who place a minimum of one bet per day.

According to the results, betting is highly popular in males between 25 and 34 with 77 per cent of those who have gambled at some point and 58 per cent who place a bet at least once each week.

Of the 43% of adults who never gambled, almost a third implies that lack of money is preventing them. It has been found that people aged from 25 to 34 most likely won’t gamble due to money issues. Therefore, it can be seen that this age group is highly interested in gambling and is also the one that gambles the most.

The Mobile Industry

The gambling industry in Kenya has been growing mostly due to the availability of the internet and the insurgence of smartphones into the country. The prevalence in gambling is 64 per cent of smartphone users to 40 per cent of people who have regular mobile phones. Additionally, almost 90% of bettors placed bets via their mobile phones whilst 55% of them are gambling via mobile a minimum of once per week. It is clear that mobile is the most used method of betting in Kenya. The convenience of smartphones has completely changed the betting sector in Kenya.

Online casinos are not as popular with approximately a third of gamblers implying that they gamble in casinos and a third of them doing so once a month or less.

Kenyans Love Football

Football is the most popular sport worldwide and 83 per cent of Kenyans bet on football. The second place is the lottery with 11 per cent and they are most popular among the elderly and females. Almost 40% bets only on football.




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