The Cost of DUI Services

For most DUI convictions, the court requires that you attend alcohol highway safety classes. These classes can be expensive.

The victim impact panel is another requirement that can be costly. It features victims who share their stories to prevent future DUIs. It can also be time-consuming.


Your bail will likely be high if you’re charged with DUI. This is not a good situation to find yourself in, but it’s important to remember that other people have survived this kind of thing without ruining their lives forever.

You can get out on your recognizance or a PR bond, depending on the jurisdiction. However, that’s only sometimes the case.

If you must use a bail bond agent, expect to pay around 10% of your bond. In addition, you will have transportation costs (cabs, public transit, etc.) and the extra money you’ll need to spend while your car is in impound. This could add up to several hundred dollars. Then there are the fees for alcohol treatment and risk reduction classes.

Court Costs

A DUI isn’t just a legal entanglement; it also comes with significant financial penalties. In addition to fines and lost productivity, you may have to pay for ignition interlock devices, increased car insurance rates, and more.

These fees vary, but you should expect to pay at least $100 for DUI court-related services. This includes the cost of alcohol evaluations, treatment programs, and alcohol education classes.

Many states require even first-time offenders to have their cars fitted with an alcohol ignition interlock device, which can be expensive. You’ll likely have to visit your DOT or DMV-DOT for license reinstatement, which can have a similar price tag. These costs can add up quickly. Adding up these expenses can be a substantial burden for anyone, especially those who work in careers that rely on a driver’s license.


Some courts require that offenders undergo alcohol and drug evaluations and treatment as part of their DUI sentence. These programs can be very expensive.

Typically, these evaluations are conducted to determine whether an offender has any underlying issues that may contribute to their drinking and driving behavior. These evaluations can be as simple as a primary alcohol and drug test or as comprehensive as a multi-component program from DUI services in Lexington that includes counseling and addiction education.

Mandated treatment referrals for DUI offenders vary by state and are based on their level of risk, history of substance abuse, and personal circumstances, including any comorbid conditions (Wells-Parker 1994). These programs range from brief one or two-session interventions to long-term inpatient care and intensive therapy programs. As part of their probation, some offenders must attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and undergo random drug and alcohol screens in addition to treatment.

Ignition Interlock Devices

Many states require offenders to install an ignition interlock device (IID) for their DUI sentence. The IID is a breathalyzer that requires the driver to blow into it before they can start their car. If the IID detects alcohol, it logs the positive result and prevents the vehicle from starting.

A study published in the journal Alcoholism Prevention and Control found that mandatory IID use is associated with a 15% drop in alcohol-related crash deaths. Unfortunately, the costs of installing and maintaining an IID add up.

IIDs cost between $100 for installation and $50-$100 monthly to rent. Choose a certified IID installer and carefully shop for the best prices. Considering your IID contract’s terms and the tampering costs is also critical.


In addition to fines, many states require offenders to undergo alcohol or behavioral assessments. These can be expensive and may result in court-ordered treatment programs such as motivational enhancement therapy, which is cost-effective.

Many offenders must also take DUI classes, which can run several hundred dollars each. These classes are typically educational and focus on the risks associated with drinking and driving.

Finally, many people find that their auto insurance premiums rise substantially following a DUI arrest and conviction. These increases can be costly, especially for repeat offenders with extreme BAC levels. In addition, there are often hidden costs associated with the DUI experience that may not be immediately apparent. These include increased stress, lost productivity, and relationship issues.



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