The Best Indoor and Outdoor Home Improvements to Boost Resale Value

Owning a home is a long-term investment. You may decide to stay there for life, but the possibility to sell your house for more than you initially paid is always on the table. Over the years, it only makes sense to boost your home’s value through a series of improvements.

Increasing resale value involves both indoor and outdoor renovations (aside from timing and market trends). To help you make the most on a possible future sale, check out these top home improvements.

Indoor: The Wine Fridge

Nothing says class quite like a fridge full of wine. Not only does it significantly boost the value of your home, it makes an excellent addition to any kitchen space. This $150 addition could increase your sale by up to 22%.

Adding one is as simple as replacing a few kitchen cabinets with a refrigeration unit. The end result is seamless, elegant, and gorgeous. Plus, it gives you an excuse to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.

Outdoor: The Front Door

The entrance to your home is not only the first thing a buyer walks through, but it gives them a sense of how secure your house is. You can revamp your entranceway with a fresh coat of paint to save money as opposed to replacing it. However, a top-of-the-line doorway can increase your home’s value tenfold.

Indoor: Steam Showers

Turning your bathroom into a spa brings a level of elegance to your home that most, believe it or not, do not have. Countertops, tubs, and tile are one thing, but a glass-enclosed steam shower is the driving factor behind value.

Creating one is costly, but the initial investment can boost your home’s value by 29%. Upgrading is always less expensive than starting from scratch, but there’s nothing like starting your morning in luxe style.

Outdoor: Sprinklers

Maintaining a yard is hard work, but keeping your lawn a lush shade of green can be a nightmare depending on the climate in your area. That’s what makes sprinklers so appealing. They keep grass looking its best while doubling as a garden watering system. Keeping the grass looking nice is worth every bit of effort when you go to sell your home.

To install an automatic system, you’ll need to contact a sprinkler installation company. This simple addition is one that most homeowners overlook, but it’s a commodity that buyers love.

Indoor: A Pizza Oven

Simple, yet effective, the pizza oven offers a fun way to whip up dinner while helping anyone feel like a professional chef in their own kitchen. There are outdoor and indoor options available, but spending a little extra to have one safely installed in your kitchen is an excellent way to boost resale value.

Outdoor: Gas Lanterns

The outside of your home is the first thing a buyer sees. So, why not make it look its best? Did you know that gas lanterns make a brilliant impression while highlighting the finer features of your home?

At first glance, they create a warm and inviting appeal that separates your home from others. Upon closer inspection, their rustic looks and soft glow are incredibly enticing.



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