The ABC’s of Me

(Note: If you read my husband’s blog at Simply Experienced Life, then you may have already seen this post. However, he decided he wanted that to be HIS blog only so I decided to transfer this fun blog post to My blog. 🙂 I couldn’t have go to waste now could I?)

My standard answer is that I’m a Christian wife to my one true love, homeschooling mother to our three kids, and an animal lover. I love to write, read, and interact with people all around me both online and offline. However, I decided to expand it for you a bit. I hope you enjoy reading the Alphabet of Me.

Alphabet of Me

This by no means covers all of me, but this will give you a grand picture.



I was raised up with animals all of my life. To this day there is always some type of animal in our home. We have owned many different types of animals from dogs, cats, birds, chinchillas, rats, mice, hamsters, and horses. I can give you plenty of tips about them.

B-Blogging –

I have been blogging for three years now. I literally have become a bit of a blogging nut. I have invested in many different blogging books, blogging courses, and scoured the web for all of the blogging tips I can get my hands on. I KNOW far more about blogging than there are hours in a day to actually implement them as just one person.

C- Cooking-

I wasn’t raised with a woman who cooked much in her home. In fact, my mom had to work so many afternoon shifts I barely saw her. All of the cooking I’ve learned how to do through the years has been by me taking a cooking book and learning it. There has been many trial and errors. In fact, there have been many meals that even the dogs wouldn’t even consider eating it.
I love to cook when I have the time on my hands and the funds to really purchase the things that I really want to use. I still get giddy when I’m given a new kitchen utensil to use. I do hope to learn how to cook more than the same type of meals all the time for my family.

D-Driving my car-

I love to travel and explore the world all around us. When I got my first vehicle I literally put over 80,000 miles on my truck in two years. I just couldn’t get enough of seeing the beautiful country side around us. To this day, I still love to just drive.

E-Eating out way too much-

Currently we eat out far more than we should. Mainly that’s because I don’t know how to cook the foods that we really want to eat. I am honestly afraid to waste food to attempt to do it. I’d love to be a kitchen expert.

F-Finishing a project-

I usually have many irons in the fire. So, when I finish a project is such a great feeling.


I honestly love to play games. I don’t get to do it that often, but when I do I devour my time to do it. We have many video game systems in our home. However, I also love to play games on my Kindle Fire, iPhone, and my computer.

H-Horseback riding-

I spent twenty years of my life riding horses. It is one thing I desperately miss. However, being a mother far outweighs the ability to ride a horse.


I honestly have a wild imagination, but never take the time to put those dreams and thoughts on paper that often. I use to when I was kid, and had many journals with the pages covered front and back. Unfortunately though they got ruined in storage. Now I fear really recording them on paper.

J- Juggler-

I juggle homeschooling, running home, running two blogs, and also helping as needed with our family businesses too. I know many other women who can call themselves a juggler too!

K-“Know It All”-

I come across as the woman with the “know it all” personality. However, I assure you that is not my intentions at all. I honestly just have lots of life experiences that I’m not afraid to share in hopes that it will save you some heartache. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t know it all! There is plenty I still don’t know. Yet the things I do know, I know A LOT about them.


I’m constantly learning something new. I believe in the value of education. I also feel that we should strive to learn something new every day. Knowledge is something no one can take away from you.


In many ways, I feel like I’m a mother first and foremost before I am anything else. I think I forgot who I really was until some things reminded me that I need to make time for me and my dreams. I feel blessed that I have a husband who strives to support me doing those things when I decide to do them.


My kids think I’m crazy. I don’t get embarrassed easily. You never know what I’m liable to do.


I like to believe there is a silver lining to everything. To be honest, that has saved me through many things.


I personally use many old school parenting techniques. I believe my kids should do chores, use their minds doing educational things more than they spend doing video games, and I am strict. Rest assured though I love my kids with my whole being.


I am extremely quiet in a large group setting. If I’m at a party, I tend to find a corner and enjoy watching others having a good time.


I love to read. There is always a book that I’m reading. Even if I can only read a page or two a day, but when the book is good I will make time to read it. I love to do book reviews.

S- Sexual-

Yea, I’m letting you know ahead of time I’m not afraid to talk about sex. I believe that even though I married that it doesn’t mean I can’t have a great sex life. I believe you can too! I will give you tips to make that happen too. Interested???


I am way tamer than I was when I was a teenager. I believe when you become parents with your whole heart then you tend to be more cautious with the decisions you make.


I believe we are all unique in our own ways. I do know I’m an odd ball to get to know, but once you do you either love me or hate me. I do hope you’ll grow to love me though.


I have more than my share of curves now that I’ve had three kids. I have learned to appreciate my body regardless of its size. I’m still me regardless how my body is shaped.


I do tend to be long winded at times when I’m really passionate about something.


I have underwent many x-rays in my lifetime. Including self-inflicted x-rays of my personality and character.


I would love to consider myself to be still youthful. I love to cherish every day I’m given.


When I’m in a really good mood I can be classified as zippy.

What makes up the ABC’s of you?



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I'm Crystal. I'm married to Dale, and mother to Johnny.Some might say that my life is perfect because I get to do all the cliché wife things like cooking, cleaning, and decorating - but there's more! I also have many hobbies including needlework (crochet), sewing, and reading. My son's education is important, so we homeschool him together.

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    • I have been cooking more and more. It’s just finding recipes that the entire family can benefit from eating is a bit hard with all the allergies we deal with.

      I’d love to see you write a post like this.

  1. What a fun way to get to know you. I always had animals growing up, too. We only have a cat and two dogs now, but I can’t imagine now having at least one pet in our house.

    • I know what you mean. We have tried to be without an animal in our home a couple of times, but it doesn’t last long because I go through animal withdrawal big time.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this post.

  2. Fun – thanks for sharing some of you with us all! Without doing the entire alphabet I’ll take the letter T which starts my name. Talkative – I talk a lot – sometimes too much! 😉

  3. Love this! I used to love to drive, but over the last two years I just don’t enjoy it anymore. I had a huge scare a few months ago and has made it even worse. I do drive somewhere just about every day, but I don’t like it. 🙂

  4. Great way to share yourself from A to Z– as I read the list, I thought all of our similarities and differences– we have way more in common!!

    • We do have a lot in common. The more that I learn about you the more I see we are kindred spirits in more ways that I realized.

  5. What a great list, Crystal. I would say that you and I have more in common than otherwise. 🙂 I’m so glad I’ve been able to meet you through the blogging world.


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