Ten Thousand Heaven Book Review

I was given Ten Thousand Heaven from Library Thing and the author to review in exchange for a blog book review. As always, that in no way shaped my opinion of this book.

This book is about a man and a horse named Annie who formed a close bond. The horse had endured many hardships in her life, and was very leery of humans. They have to learn to overcome the obstacle of a huge wildfire.

This book was one I was honestly looking forward to getting because of the fact it’s about horses. Since I had a strong bond with my horse, Tripp, growing up I believed this was going to be a book I could relate to a lot. Unfortunately though, due to the way the author laid out this book, I couldn’t stay involved in it at all. The author made the horses talk, and made me feel like I was reading a child’s book instead of a mature adult version of this book. The idea behind this book was great, but the layout really turned me off from it.

When I want to read a child’s book, I like them to be small and to the point. Plus images are a must as well because I know that is what keeps my kids interested. This topic wasn’t really a good one for them anyways, even if did decide to try to read it to them. This was a long drawn out book.

I wanted to say that this was a remarkable book, and I believe had it been presented in a different manner it would have been worth reading. I wanted to literally rewrite this entire story. Since I knew the author’s intentions and idea, it would have been easy to do with my background with horses.

It is hard to express the relationship between a horse and it’s master in words. Unless you can physically see the relationship in action, you very well may not be able to understand it. I’ve had many people tell me that when I’m around horses it’s like I’m a totally different person. I come out of my shell and have the more assertive side of myself come out.

So, I commend the author’s efforts! It’s not an easy task to do what he attempted to do.  There are others who did enjoy this book a great deal.

Have you read it? What are your thoughts?

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