Teddy Locks – Ethical Socks Made from Trash

Socks are the fastest replaced item in our wardrobes, either because they are the first ones to get holes in them or because one always goes missing from a pair. This also makes them end up in the landfill quicker. Teddy Locks are socks that solve the problem that most socks have – which are low quality and throwing a sock away because a drier ate them. Not only are Teddy Locks high quality, but they are made from recycled bottles and manufactured waste. By turning our trash into socks, Teddy Locks are helping the environment in a major way. And these socks are ethically sourced locally in the USA, further decreasing their footprint.

Teddy Locks have an invisible seam and reinforced heels to give them more durability. The reinforced heel helps to prevent blisters. They also include a stay-up top ensuring your socks don’t slip down throughout the day and keeping them snug on your legs. They are moisture wicking and anti-bacterial reducing sweaty and stinky feet. These socks are also quick-dry which means they don’t need to be put in the drier and make them become longer lasting.

Teddy Locks don’t come in pairs, but sets. Which means any of the socks in each collection will match the other one. So, if you lose a sock or misplace it, there are other socks waiting to be worn. Each set includes 5 socks with different designs but are meant to match the other socks. They come in dress socks and crew socks and are available in different designs.

Teddy Locks are currently being crowd-funded on Kickstarter.com.  You can get a crew set for $36 and a dress set for $45.

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