Talking Anya and Her Pet Puppies App Review

This is a sponsored post provided by Sprite Labs through Sverve. That in no way shaped my opinion of this app. 

Talking Anya and Her Pet Puppies is an app that is quite entertaining for a young girl I’d say from 1 to 4 years old. It is filled with loads of activities for your child to do. She can talk with Anya. She can watch Anya play with her puppies and even dictate what the two characters do.

Anya has become like a friend for Zeva to play with because she can get her to talk to her, feed, dress her, and even change the way she looks and the settings that Anya is in. Zeva can cause Anya to dance and make funny faces and laugh. She can even dress her up for holiday events like Christmas and Halloween. Anya will even repeat what Zeva says. She promotes healthy eating when she chooses to ask for more strawberries over cupcakes.

Anya has five different puppies that can join them for their fun adventures. Zeva can control what the puppies do. They know many different tricks like stand, spin, shake, and fetch and crawl. She can even get hugs from the puppies.

If her brothers want to play with her friend, Anya, all they have to do is get the iPad and come close to Zeva on my iPhone and they can play multi-player games like Toss the beach ball back and forth, Bubble-popping game, and even have a snowball fight with being cold. That leads to more fun and realistic approach to the app interaction.


Overall, I feel this app is well worth getting. It teaches Zeva how to interact with others. Plus I feel it’s helping her to talk a bit more. It definitely makes her happy.

What is your child’s favorite app to play? 



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9 comments on “Talking Anya and Her Pet Puppies App Review”

    • It’s somewhat educational. I wouldn’t say it’s a major educational thing. However, I can say it is quite entertaining.

  1. We’ve been reviewing this app as well, and my daughter really likes it. I know she can get frustrated with it at times, but overall it seems to be a good app. And she’s 12. She likes anything that has animals.

    • I wasn’t really sure what age group would enjoy it the most, but I didn’t see my oldest really show much interest in it. Of course, he’s a boy though too.

  2. Very interesting technology! I guess this means encouragement for our younger kids to get expensive and valuable gadgets at an early age, but hey, if it keeps them busy and out of trouble for a while, why not, right?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Lol… My kids have the technology early on, but honestly they hardly ever use it except for educational purposes. I love how technology has helped make teaching the hard concepts easier for my me. So, I’m all for it.

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