Thursday’s Tidbits #1

I decided that I needed a day to set aside as a way of just voicing my thoughts. So hence, Thursday’s Tidbits. I hope you will join me on this. You can even give me your tidbits of things you’ve come across this week.

One of the programs I’m a part of shared with me about a website worth checking out. It is called I am Second. It is a website for people like me who have had to overcome abuse in their lives.

It is filled with videos of people sharing their experiences from their lives with us. They are an inspiration. I feel that they are a solid reminder that we are not alone through our struggles. This video peeked my interest the most in this site: .

You can find out more on their sites:

Give Change, Make Change– Many more stories are waiting to be told. You can help. Commit $2 every Tuesday to build film funds, and your contribution will be used to develop, produce and promote new films. Join the project and become an I am Second insider with access to exclusive content via Facebook.
I am so nervous about this school year starting this year. I think it may be because we have so much going on around here as it is. I’m having a hard time juggling life as it is since Del started working 12-14 hour days away from the house. We have four puppies that are driving me up the wall and back. I think we definitely bit off far more than we can chew with FOUR puppies. I’m trying to convince Del that we need to go back down to only two. Of course, the problem is the four we have are all claimed by one person in the house. They are taking up hours of our day. I find it funny that Del was the one who agreed to us having them, and he’s NEVER home hardly at all anymore. Once they are house trained though, they will all be a joy to have in the house. It’s just getting them to that point. Patience is not a virtue of mine.
I’m getting upset because our house in Bamberg still hasn’t sold. I don’t know what is happening to prevent it from selling. We are asking below what it is worth by a long shot. I keep praying. God does things in his own time and for the good of our lives. I have to trust in that.
I am reading so many wonderful books. I am literally reading four books at one time right now. All of which will be shared with you very soon! I hope you enjoy learning about them as much as I’m enjoying reading them. I also have other ones right in behind it waiting impatiently on my shelf to get their attention. So, look for a whole bunch of book reviews. So far, there hasn’t been one that isn’t worth mentioning.
Our yard is covered in mosquitoes yet again. I tried to send the boys outside to go play today. Only to get told we’ll be carried away by the mosquitoes Mommy. I was dumb founded to hear that was an issue again. We had them taken care of for a while, but now they are back. What is the purpose of mosquitoes? That’s something I meant to look up.
The good news is Del has new employees in his store. I’m hoping and praying that they get trained in a decent amount of time. I also pray that they are reliable workers, which is becoming increasing harder to find!
I hope you’ll come back Sunday for the book reviews, and if you read books and do reviews like I do that you’ll link up on the blog hop.
What has your week been like? What interesting find did you come up with??
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