Stillwell..Worth Mentioning Again

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I have already given you a full book review on this book. However, it’s definitely a book worth mentioning again. It wasn’t my standard choice of books to read, but it was honestly and truly one of those books that kept me quite interested from beginning to end. I am confident it will do the same for you. As I pointed out in my own personal review, 125 people can’t be wrong if that many people give it a high rating.


If you haven’t read this book, what are you waiting for?



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    • I haven’t been very big on trying different types of books, but I have done it a time or two in my life. Amazingly I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the results too.

    • This is true. There have been a few things I’ve reviewed that I’ve mentioned more than once on here because I’ve enjoyed them so much.

  1. I am definitely going to be reading this! thank you for the review. This type of book is what i love to read 🙂

  2. I won this book from a fellow MomDotter, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. However, it’s one book that I definitely read when I get a chance. Just stay so busy lately!


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