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As a blogger, I’m always coming up new blog post ideas at the oddest times. I gain many of my blog ideas from the books, TV shows/movies, or just from random things that people say or do. I used my iPhone to keep notes on, but that really doesn’t cut it for me. (I’m a writer and unless I’m writing a complete post or idea out, it’s not the same.) That’s why I’m super thrilled with the M by Staples™ Arc notebooks and accessories kit I was given to review. I literally have been using it so much that I felt like I’ve done a review on it a hundred times (because in my head I have! Every day I say how much I love it to my family.)

The Arc notebooks are available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. I received this 9.5 by 11.5 pink leather notebook that is built to last. I love that there is a wide range of accessories to choose from to make this notebook system work for me. I can get adhesive notes, sheet protectors, poly tab dividers, planners, task pads, and so much more. 

I love everything about this notebook system. I literally use this EVERYDAY. I’m always having to jot down blog post ideas on the go, and this is easy to carry around. I love that I can add different accessories to this notebook really easy, and according to what I want in it. I know it will last for the long haul and even with lots of wear and tear it still looks shiny and brand new. With this little notebook, I don’t have to worry about any glue coming undone because the pages are not held together by glue.

I can also bend the cover and pages back all the way around and use it like a small clipboard, and my documents don’t fall out or tear out (like I figured they would due to how it’s made.) It’s nicer than many planners I’ve had in my life. I love it far better than a regular notebook.

It may be a bit pricey to get this notebook system set up, but it is actually a very wise investment. I say it’s a wise investment because again the notebook portion will last for a long time. You can buy your accessories over the years for less than what a planner costs each year. The vitality of it is really remarkable. It can be anything you really want it to be. I would recommend it for ANYONE who like an organized way of keeping up with their thoughts or activities.

Honestly, the only con I have for this notebook system is it doesn’t “appear” to hold a vast majority of things at one time. I don’t see how I could have the full calendar planner system and loads of note sheets in it. However, in the same token with the way their accessories are made, I very well may be able to use it for everything. I’ll probably have to try that when I need a new planner (which is coming soon!) Yes, I still use pen and an actual planner (and computerized planners.)

You can find out more information on Staples website. You can also connect with Staples on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

How would you use this Arc Notebook system in your life? 



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26 comments on “Staples Gave Me My New Must Have”

    • It’s hard to organize everything in our lives especially when we have kids. 🙂 However, once you get a system in place and stick with it then it becomes a lot easier to do.

    • I definitely prefer to write things down. To me a good ole’ pen and paper still means a great deal to me. Of course, my addiction to pens may play a toll in the decision making process too.

  1. I have the smaller version of this notebook and Love it. It’s so chic and I take it along with me to take notes when I go to conferences or meetings. I never fail to get compliments on it.

    • That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one. 🙂 I have had my kids and someone else REALLY mess up my blogging system. To this day, I’m still trying to fix that huge mistake they did.

    • I loved my high school accessories so much. I actually loved my Trappers Keeper so much as a teenager that I hunted one down for Jimmy. He loved it too, but he used it for totally different things than I ever thought a Trappers Keeper should be used for. It was an interesting experience to say the least. It sounds like you love the new technology way of doing things. Were you one of the first ones to try out the Blackberry phone?

    • I feel the same way. I have tried the whole Google calendar thing a hundred times, but I don’t like it as much as I love my planners.

    • What planner system are you using that you love so much? I’m always looking at different planners. I literally have a planner for our household stuff that needs done, one for bills, one for homeschooling, and of course, one for my blogging. I like to keep all of that separated for some odd reason. Maybe because it helps keep my ADD mind on track with the tasks at hand.

    • I love it, and am in need of a new planner. So, I’m going to invest in the planner inserts for this and see how it actually does with it and the notes sections too! I’m an eager beaver, but I still have a few months before I have to get it.

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