Stage Your Space: Make Your Residential Open House Memorable

If you are putting your home on the market, you are joining other people in your community who want to sell. Even if you are part of a brisk housing market, you cannot rest on your proverbial laurels when it comes to preparing and presenting your home for sale.


Staging and the Efficient Sale of Your Home

You may be like many people and think that all you really need to do is have an open house. You may believe that once a prospective buyer gets inside your home, and sees all that it has to offer, that individual will be “sold” and ready to make an offer.

Oh that it were so easy to sell a residence, even a well-maintained, and well-appointed one. The reality is that on any given day, the housing market in your community has multiple offerings that very well meet many of the specific needs, goals, and objectives of a person looking to but residential property.

You undoubtedly have heard of staging and the benefits of preparing the presentation of your residence in such a way to make it as appealing as possible to the widest swath of potential home buyers. You may even have read an article or two on the staging process, and how to undertake it successfully.

Once again, when it comes to studying the basic ins and outs of staging, you are not alone. Nearly all other homeowners looking to sell in your area have done precisely the same thing.

You need to take the focus of the staging process one step further. You need to come up with a unique idea, a particular addition, that you can add to the overall staging presentation of your home before it goes into the market. You need to think of something that will resonate in the minds of men and women who visit your home during an open house. In this regard, you truly need to think outside of the proverbial home seller box.

Be a Pinball Wizard

You need not do anything unduly expensive to etch a mark in the minds of people who visit your home during an open house. You need to make some sort of massive alteration in the premises. You can do something quite simply that will cause your home to standout from the pack and leave a lasting impression. This one little addition can prove to be the trigger that allows a visitor to your open house, and likely to many others, to better recall all of the wonderful features your home has to offer.

Consider, for example, taking a rather unique step of adding something like a pinball machine to your residence. No, you need not turn your home into some sort of arcade. Rather, you can tuck a pinball machine into an appropriate space in your residence. By doing so, you will find that a majority of visitors to your home will take notice. More significantly, after taking notice of the pinball machine, they will remember its placement in your home. By remembering the placement of a pinball machine in your property, these potential buyers will be triggered to recall other favorable elements of your home.

The fact is that you have more options that you might imagine to select from if you want to add a pinball machine to your home. There are antique derivations that can be a nice addition to any number of rooms in your home. There are other vintage options that come from different time periods, particularly the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

Keep in mind that a pinball machine, particularly depending on the era in which it was created, can be utilized in spaces beyond a game, recreational, or even great room. You might be able to find a unique collectable version that would be a perfect addition nestled into anything from a living to a bedroom in your residence.

Other Memorable Touches

Presenting a pinball machine as a device to make your home most memorable, not just more memorable, after an open house is just one idea. Nonetheless, it provides a perfect example of the type of additional piece that can make your home pop in the minds of open house visitors after the fact.

Yes, you truly want your home to be appealing in the minds of potential home buyers as they stroll through your residence. However, you must take it a step further and add something or another, like a pinball machine, that will keep your home in mind in the competitive housing marketplace.



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