Smelling the Roses: Easy to Use Travel Apps for Sensible Seniors

If you have reached the retirement phase of your life and are in that fortunate position of having some extra time on your hands, it is time to make some travel plans and take in some new sights.

If you are a sensible senior and want to travel and stay safely there are a number of apps that can give you access to the resources and guides that can help you enjoy a well-planned travel adventure.

Here is a look at how to make the most of your smartphone, including a look at how to make your money go further when booking flights, some tips to help you pack, plus some medical options that could help when you are away from home.

Stay on budget with your flights

If you decide to take a flight to your chosen destination or make plans in a hurry while you are away, what you don’t want to do is bust your budget by paying too much for your flights.

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There are a number of useful apps to have on your phone that help you search and compare flight prices, and the Cheapflights app does what you want it to do which is to try and find the cheapest flight option and price.

There are others about too, like Skyscanner, so if you have the time to enter your search into a couple of different search engines you should be able to get a good price, especially if you take advantage of being flexible on your departure time or date.

You could also make use of a thermometer app to check temperatures and weather conditions at your chosen destination, so you know what to pack.

Never too late to get help with your packing

If you have got your packing down to a fine art over the years you are to be congratulated but the odds are fairly high that you still make some mistakes and struggle to get to grips with ever-changing airline baggage allowances.

If you have an app like PackPoint it should help you to travel light and stay within airline rules.

All you have to do is open the app and enter your destination and other travel details such as length of stay, and PackPoint gives you a definitive list of items to pack that will help you to keep the weight down but have everything you need for the trip.

Medical backup in a hurry

You would obviously hope that you don’t fall ill or have any sort of medical emergency to contend with while you are away on vacation but if you do, there is an app that could give you some useful guidance.

The WebMD app lets you check symptoms and learn about medications available, plus it can also help you to locate the nearest pharmacy and hospital in the area where you are staying.

You can also download the Pill Reminder app so that you remember to take your pills at the right time each day, which is easy to forget for seniors if you are outside of your usual routine and at least provides you with a backup option just in case you forget.

Next time you are planning a trip, download some sensible apps that are aimed at helping seniors and other travelers to enjoy a less stressful and hopefully safer trip away.




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