Smart Strategies for Managing Home Energy Use

Did you know that each year Americans waste nearly 60 percent of the energy produced in the United States? By making a few small changes around the house, people can reduce the amount of energy they use. Discover the following six smart strategies for managing home energy use to help increase energy efficiency and save money.

Switch to Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs use about 25 to 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. They also last two to three times longer. Since the average U.S. household uses about 40 light bulbs, this switch to energy-efficient bulbs can result in substantial energy and cost savings over time.

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By replacing only five of the incandescent lights in a home with energy-efficient bulbs, the average household will save as much as $75 per year in energy costs.

Get a Smart Thermostat

Many people are familiar with programmable thermostats that allow them to control the temperature settings in their homes based on the time of day. The result is a 10 percent decrease in annual energy use or a savings of about $150 per year.

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However, thanks to technology, smart thermostats help reduce energy use even more. These devices use sensors to track human behaviors and make appropriate adjustments to heating or cooling systems.

Shut Down Game Consoles

Even when they’re not in use, game consoles are always drawing energy.

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A great way for homeowners to increase energy efficiency is to make sure they activate power-saving settings on game consoles and turn controllers off after use.

Seal Openings in Ducts and Window Frames

Many homes lose as much as 20 percent of heated or cooled air through ducts that aren’t properly sealed.

Similarly, a large amount of heat is lost through windows and walls that are poorly insulated. Having a qualified professional inspect a home for any areas that insulated or repaired can result in energy savings.

Close the Refrigerator Door

Opening and closing the refrigerator door uses as much energy as 20 loads of dishes in a dishwasher and 50 loads of laundry. In fact, leaving the refrigerator door open while grabbing milk, for example, results in about 7 percent of the appliance’s total energy use.

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While closing the door can create energy savings, be sure to also check the door to be sure the seal does not have gaps.

Warm Up the Water Heater

For only a few dollars, homeowners can buy an insulating blanket for their water heaters. This insulating blanket reduces heat loss by up to 45 percent, which equates to a savings of as much as 16 percent in energy costs each year. Other ways to reduce energy costs from water heating are to install low-flow shower heads and reduce the temperature of the water heater.

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By applying these smart strategies for managing home energy use, homeowners can help reduce the amount of energy used each year in the United States. These efficiencies can also result in major energy cost savings for the average household.



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