Signs That You May Be Getting Scammed

In today’s high-tech world, scammers use people’s fears against them. Seniors often fall prey to scammers because they don’t know any difference. Unless they are familiar with the internet and fully understand how cybercriminals are able to gain an advantage, they can easily become a victim. Companies like Ria that offer money transfers are trying to keep people informed so they don’t get taken advantage of.

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Claim to Be a Reputable Organization or Business

Many scammers claim to be calling on behalf of a reputable organization or business. They have even used utility companies and the IRS to try and convince people they are legitimate. There are indicators, however, that a person can look for to determine whether or not a caller is who they say they are. When you get a phone call from someone claiming to be with your utility company or a government entity, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t just take their word for it. Tell them you will call them back. If they are who they claim to be, there won’t be a problem.

You Have a Problem or You’ve Won a Prize

Scammers work to get your attention by claiming that you have a serious problem or that you have won a prize and will need to pay for shipping or other fees to receive it. Callers who claim to be with the IRS may threaten you with being arrested or having the local police visit your home. Don’t be afraid! If they were really with the IRS, you would have been getting notices in the mail. If you believe you may have won a prize of substantial value, hang up the phone and wait until you receive written confirmation in the mail. Most companies who are giving you a gift will send you a letter in the mail with an invoice or shipping details.

You Must Act Immediately!

One of the biggest red flags is that you must act immediately. Pressuring you to send money right away means you don’t have time to do research or ask questions. Scammers will pressure you to act right away so that you don’t have time to think about what they are saying to you. If someone starts to pressure you for your personal or financial information, hang up the phone and walk away. A legitimate caller will answer your questions and allow you to take your time in making the right decision. If there is any pressure from the caller whatsoever, hang up the phone and end the call.

You Need to Pay in a Certain Way

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Scammers are very smart when it comes to receiving money so that it can’t be traced. They may tell you to send it to a specific location, at a specific time. Western Union or other methods of transferring money online are their best ways of capitalizing on unsuspecting marks without getting caught. Once the money has been sent and received, there is literally no way to trace it and get it back to the victim. It’s important to remember that you should never offer any personal information to anyone who calls trying to persuade you to send them money.

Ria money transfer is a safe and efficient way to send money to friends and loved ones. If anyone calls and asks you to send them money through a wire transfer or another form of online payment, be mindful of the risks. Don’t act immediately! Take your time and think about what is going on. Are there any red flags you should be concerned about? Do you know the person? If you believe in any way that you are being scammed, stop! Do not send the money. Call the authorities and let them know what is going on.



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