Signed, Sealed, Delivered Review

I have been a fan of this series for some time now. However, I was given a chance to sneak peak an episode ahead of time in exchange for an honest blog review.

I watched the MOVIE Signed, Sealed, Delivered on Hallmark when it came on. Signed, Sealed, Delivered is a movie about a set of post office employees who work hard to ensure that the “lost letters” are delivered to their rightful owners. I enjoyed it immensely. It had the ability to make me want to get involved in finding out the answer to the letter mystery. I loved the romance in it too.

So, when Hallmark announced that they were to going to take this movie concept and turn it into a series, I was setting it up to record on my TV the first chance I got. I didn’t regret it for a second. Signed, Sealed, Delivered the series is basically an hour version of the movie, but with a different story line with each episode. The team that solves these letter mysteries each week are Oliver O’Toole (Eric Mabius), who ensures that he takes uses prayer to help solve the tasks at hand, Shane McInerney (Kristin Booth), the technology geek who is also a bit of a free-spirit, Rita Haywith (Crystal Lowe), who has this “girl next door” look with a photographic memory, and Norman Dorman (Geoff Gustafson), who is the master of conventional research methods.

I didn’t realize that it was created and produced by Martha Williamson, who also created Touched by An Angel. I enjoyed watching Touched by An Angel a good bit in my younger years. I still consider it to be good entertainment, but I don’t go out of my way to watch it like I use to.

Now you can even enjoy a seven-day Bible reading experience to dig deeper into the meanful biblical themes revealed in each episode of Signed, Sealed, Delivered. The American Bible Society built the bible study to go with the series. You can sign up for your bible study by clicking HERE.

You can gain more information about the wonderful new series Signed, Sealed, Delivered  by visiting their website. You can also get the latest information by following the series Facebook page. You can even connect with Martha Williamson herself on her Facebook page.

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