Shoney’s Of Summerville, SC In Review

I told you yesterday that I was going to tell you about our dinner situation.We ended up eating at Shoney’s of Summerville, SC. I was extremely skeptical about Del choosing this place to eat because the parking lot was pretty much EMPTY! All the other restaurants around us were PACKED to the max. I told Del up front that we were probably going to get terrible food and terrible service if the parking lot was any indication. We continued to laugh at our misfortune all the way to our seats.

We got served right away with a smiling waitress who looked at us like we were a pair of drunks.She was quick and prompt to get our drinks. Unfortunately though, the tea she gave me was sour. (That can happen regardless how well the staff keeps up with it.) She quickly offered to make us brand new tea, but we politely declined and choose a soda.

As a prior restaurant manager that put a sour feeling in my stomach (despite my knowledge of how tea urns really work), and so I was unsure if I even wanted to order anything worth $10.00 off their menu. Plus I knew for sure I’d enjoy their Hot Fudge Cake Sundae like I always do. I knew I was definitely getting it for my birthday since we hadn’t had cake or ice cream. So, I ordered it first and had no intentions of ordering anything else. I made sure the waitress knew it was my birthday through my laughs.

The waitress got my order (didn’t shake her a bit that I just ordered desert) and got Del’s order. She quickly brought me my order. Del got his order and he stated how good it was. He made me want some real food. So, when the waitress came to check on us I ordered the Hot Kentucky Brown. Let me tell you, that is some good food!! The bus boy was remarkable, and he kept our table CLEAN the entire time we ate there.

The manager told Del when he checked out that she was a new manager there and that her entire staff was brand new too. We were even more impressed because we’ve both been in her shoes with our management experience. (Del is currently in that position.) She had a crew working hard TOGETHER to keep the place afloat. The customers all looked like they were enjoying themselves there, the place was clean, and the service was impeccable.

So if your ever traveling on I-26 towards Charleston, stop off at exit 199 and grab a nice hot meal with great service from Shoney’s.

Do you have a regular place you love to eat at??


NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post nor was I requested to do this by the company in any way. I just know as a prior restaurant manager how valuable word of mouth is for them!! So, I could not resist throwing a post out about this Shoney’s. I can tell this manager is doing her best to get this place up to par.





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