Sentiment Analysis Examples in Business

Have you ever had difficulty expressing your views or queries to a customer care agent? Well, we all have. The struggle to explain your feelings about a product or complain about something is problematic. Now, why do most businesses fail to answer your questions properly? The answer lies in how well they understand the sentiment of customers.

Sentiment analysis has emerged as an effective process for understanding customers among businesses, organizations, and governments. The popularity of social media has made things even more possible. Now, it is easy to interact with businesses and leave a like or share a post you like. However, sentiment analysis deals with the comments you leave on the posts.

As sentiment analysis has a major role in businesses, aspiring MBA students are evaluated on this aspect. You can choose an MBA essay writing service provider for your MBA application and sail through it. However, it is important to understand sentiment analysis and how businesses do the same. 

Here are a few examples of sentiment analysis in businesses for a better understanding of the concept:

  • Social Media Monitoring

There’s no better way to analyze sentiment than social media monitoring. If you look at the business pages, you will see various likes and comments from customers. Businesses understand how these can act as a great way to improve their business performance. Many of these messages share valuable insights and help organizations understand how customers feel about the products and services.

The process of sentiment analysis helps businesses mine the data and work on them to gain better insights and improve the processes. Here’s an example:

Complain tweet

Social media has been helpful for both customers and businesses. The platform has helped customers gain insight, share their concerns, and call out the businesses. Businesses have also used the same to keep customers happy and improve themselves.

  • Brand Monitoring

Another effective way of doing a sentiment analysis lies in brand monitoring. Customers can access the internet and share their views on products and services through blogs, review websites, and forum discussions. Businesses get a lot of help from product reviews published on various websites. They have helped organizations gain a proper insight into what customers are looking for and what can be improved.

The sentiment analysis process is an effective way to track customers’ thoughts about a product or service. It will also help businesses understand where they have gone right or wrong and work on the next steps accordingly. Aspect-based sentiment analysis is probably the best way to understand customers’ perceptions. Here’s what it looks like:

customer service

It properly explains customers’ perceptions and helps businesses work on various aspects accordingly. Many organizations rely on this approach and have benefitted from it.

  • Customer Support Analysis

The customer support team is one of the most important teams in an organization. There’s no way to deny the significance of customer support and how they play an important role in the entire process. Customers have always relied on the support team when they need any help or if they are not satisfied with the services. Businesses need to acknowledge the importance of the same and look at what customers have to say to improve the customer support team.

Organizations must run sentiment analysis on all the incoming concerns to understand and identify the number of dissatisfied customers and work accordingly. This will also help them address the urgent issues and solve the problems first before moving on to the next one.

  • Customer Feedback Analysis

You might have come across the term Net Promoter Score (NPS). It is one of the most effective ways to understand whether a business is doing good. NPS surveys provide a proper insight into what customers think about a business, and doing a sentiment analysis of such surveys can put organizations ahead of the competition.

Organizations must acknowledge customers’ comments and work on them to have an edge over others. Aspect-based sentiment analysis on open-ended NPS responses can give a proper insight into what customers think about a business. Businesses will be able to understand things people like or do not like about them once they start following the process.

  • Market Research

Market research is probably the oldest and an effective way to understand customers and their sentiments. Previously, field research was the only way to gain insights. But now, with the emergence of social media and the internet, you can understand how people react to products or services. The organizations share various survey forms to understand what customers think about a product.

The process can also help businesses understand how customers feel about a new product or service. If customers are not reacting positively to a product, it is wise not to launch the same. Sentiment analysis helps organizations understand what customers feel about a product and the reasons behind their reactions. Businesses need to be on their toes to understand customers and work on their strategies accordingly. Market research has proved to be one of the best ways to understand the sentiments of customers.

Final Thoughts

Undeniably, sentiment analysis is the most effective way to understand what customers feel about a product or service. Organizations are following almost all the ways mentioned above to analyze customer sentiments. Understanding the most effective way and finding the right process to improve business performance is important. With technology making things easy for all, it is important to use it for a better future. Students pursuing any professional course must understand the concept well and learn the correct ways to analyze sentiments to grab future opportunities.




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