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Medical or injectable fillers are quickly becoming one of the most popular medical products. This shouldn’t surprise us. Unlike other medicines, which are usually used when we are sick, fillers are products that can be used at any time and there are no serious side effects after the treatment. When we are trying to cure a malicious disease, our confidence and will are low and we are very resentful regarding our current state. This is precisely the reason why people like drugs such as Sculptra. There are only positive sides to it. During the treatment, we are able to remove wrinkles, folds and other facial imperfections that are a product of time.

Sculptra is based on injectable poly-L-lactic acid. This substance stimulates production of collagen within our skin. As we all know, collagen is the cornerstone of this tissue. As we grow older, our body is no longer able to produce adequate quantity of this matter and after a while, our look starts to suffer. Various imperfections start to appear. Best way of countering this is by using medicines that will replenish or stimulate production of collagen. When you use Sculptra, you are able to eliminate nasobial folds, wrinkles that appear at the corner of your mouth, to plump up the lips, shape your jaw, and conceal scars and acne. Have in mind that this product is suitable for individuals above 21 year of age. So, in case that you have teenage acne, this is not a good solution for you.

Drug is administered by using specific needles. They are the reason why entire treatment is painless. In most cases, anesthesia is not even necessary. Drug is administered three to six times. Doctor needs to access the situation and decide how many shots you will need. After first two weeks, he will examine you and see if you need additional shots. Results are almost instantaneous. You can notice them after a few days. Having in mind that this product is based on a synthetic substance, it will last much longer than any other product of its kind. According to Medica Depot team, poly-L-lactic acid can remain within the body for the next two years. Unfortunately, the fact that artificial substance is used means that there is an increased chance of side effects. When it comes to side effects, you as a patient are also responsible. Improper hygiene, use of alcohol or exercise after the treatment, can lead to various skin irritations.

In most of the cases, issues caused by Sculptra can be defined as negligible. Problems usually appear within first two weeks after taking a shot. They include redness, itching, bruising, pain, bleeding, swelling, inflammation and they last for about a week. It is possible to reduce occurrence of these side effects by behaving responsible and adhering to doctor’s orders. Always put an ice pack on your face after the treatment. Avoid contact with sick people or anything else that can irritate puncture spots. Of course, never touch your face with filthy hands.

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