Scion 2012 xB Special Lease Offer

Scion 2012 xB
This goes along with the other blog I posted. You can also go out and get a new ride to roam the roads in with your girlfriends for as low as $179/month for 36 months.

This car offers 5-passenger seating. It also has a nice Pioneer Audio system. It also has a 2.4L 158 HP engine. It is a well rounded little car. It does get an estimated 22 city/28 highway mileage. The basic cost of the Scion is $18,005.

One of my friends has a Scion and she loves it. It appears to drive easily. It also has plenty of room on the inside for passengers and items you get while your out and about. It definitely stands out on the road as well. I love the color of this one in the picture.

You would definitely stand out in this car with your girlfriends in a positive light. Granted, it’s not a sports car, but it does have enough flare to it to make it easy for the guys to spot you. I know if a guy can spot you on the road they are more inclined to want to keep up with you as you go from club to club. (I’m speaking from experience on that one.)

Be sure to check out car lease specials that are going on with Scion right now this holiday season. Cars do make wonderful Christmas gifts as well!!




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