School Schedule 2013 Made

Most parents are counting down until this summer break is over with. I know I personally have been. Then I decided to do something about it! So far, it hasn’t been as successful as I had hoped. Jimmy still seems to have his head buried in the summer sand. I hope we get all of that excess sand out of his ears before school does officially start or we’re in for a long year!!

I decided to create an actual school schedule 2013 for us all. I am not a fan of being regulated to a schedule especially since I am officially the stay-at-home (hence, the BOSS of the house when Daddy is away.) However, I know that if I don’t install some type of routine and order we are all going to FAIL miserably this year!! I don’t want to see that happen for my kids or myself. I take a lot of pride in being able to teach my kids. I feel that if they aren’t learning from me then I’m not doing my job right.

Now here’s the kicker, we laid it out together. However, I KNOW that our life is to full of interruptions for me to believe that we’ll be able to stick to this. However, if we could I do believe it would make our lives a whole lot easier.


7-12pm- First shift of school work

12pm-1PM- Lunch

1PM-6PM- Second shift of school work

6-7PM- Dinner

7PM-8PM- Baths

8-9PM- Relaxation time (games, Kindles, and TV.) 


There will be periods all throughout the day where we all have little spurts of housework that will have to get done. Not to mention, taking Oz outside, changing Zeva (and potty training her), and so much more. I just hope that we can keep the other outside interruptions at bay this year. Outside interruptions put a HUGE kink in how  well our day goes. It also interferes with how well the kids learn the material.

Both of my boys, LOVE to learn. They love the sense of freedom and independence learning new material gives them. So, I desperately want this year to be a good one for all involved. Plus I also feel Zeva is going to be like Delbert was and want to be involved in all of it as much as possible too.

Do you have a schedule planned?? 




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