Road Tripping in Australia: A Newbie’s Guide

Ah… road trips! Just the thought of it can loosen up the soul and bring out the lighthearted feels. Everyone needs a break at some point. Getting disconnected from all the hassles of the city, work, chaos, and negative vibes. Freeing up your weary mind by taking an awesome road trip is all you need for that healthy dose of pleasure and reduce the stress.

This isn’t just your regular road trip. It’s The Australian road trip –arguably one of the greatest in the world. We’re pretty sure Australia is on every travelers’ bucket list.

To name one, how about the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide? Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Now it’s time to pack your bags and visit the Big Oz.

For first-time travelers, it is advised to have a supplementary preparation before embarking this extraordinary adventure. Check out these useful tips for all the newbies out there:

Pick a Well-Maintained Vehicle from Car Hire Companies

Since it’s a road trip, you’ll be needing a car obviously – and it’s easy to get one in Australia. Consider getting a car hire or any trusted car rentals in the country. Travel distances play a vital role, so make sure you pick the best one. But rest assured, trusted car hire companies will provide you with their best ‘serviced’ vehicle along with a reasonable deal.

Important Gadgets to Bring:

    • Smartphone – You know how important this is for traveling. Making calls for emergency, navigation, etc.
    • Inverter – This will let you charge and run 240v devices like phones, laptops, and other tools off a 12v battery. This is critically useful if you’re traveling in a camper van or 4WD.
    • Camera – Capture the awesome views and the best moments of your trip, whether it’s a point-and-shoot or a professional DSLR cam.
    • LED Lights – You will love to have these lights especially in Western Australia where daylight savings doesn’t occur. You’ll need some light as early as 5 PM.
    • Mini-fridge – FOOD is apparently important for any traveler when they go road tripping. It will keep your food supplies cold and good to eat for an extended period. Bring a lot of snacks – the more, the better!
    • GPS – Get a decent GPS technology. Enjoy and focus more on the majestic views while you let this device do its job. And investing on GPS can indeed save your life during emergencies.
    • Head torch – This will help you do stuff more conveniently like when trying to set-up your tent, cook, and adhere to nature calls – in the dark!
    • Battery Chargers and Power Banks
    • Others (if necessary and afforded): Solar panels, satellite phones.

Wear the Proper Clothes

Make sure you wear the right and comfy clothes for a ride more than a couple of hours.

Always Fill Her Up

Don’t forget to check on the fuel gauge occasionally. Fill the tank when it’s required during stops.

Keep it Clean

As you go along with your road trip, trash may pile up inside the car. PLEASE, take time to get rid of the car’s undesirable junk and rubbish. Dispose of them properly during stopovers.

Ask People and Be Friendly

It’s not going to hurt if you ask for directions when you seem to get lost or ask for recommendations from folks where to eat and stuff. Always give your best smile to strangers you meet along the way.

Just Loosen Up & Be Flexible

Before hitting the road, remember to loosen up. Take your time and have a flexible itinerary. You may encounter delays since you’re traveling lengthy distances. Expect a sudden change of plans. Take your time and just go with the flow.

Also, stop stressing yourself on researching stops and go-to-places. Most of the time, being spontaneous is merrier. You can play road games with your friends, to throw in some giggles while you’re taking the long road.

And that’s what road tripping is all about – getting lost and discovering new things & places! Don’t worry about getting lost since you have your GPS.




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