Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying a New Bra

Finding the perfect bra can sometimes feel like an elusive quest. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the right bra can change how you feel about your entire outfit – and, let’s face it – about your body. After all, the bra is closest to your heart, both physically and metaphorically speaking. Therefore, it’s prudent to put some serious thought into your bra shopping expedition. Here are some questions to ask yourself when buying a new bra.

Understanding Your Needs

Before embarking on that shopping trip, think about your new bra objectives. Is it purely for support or are you looking for something more aesthetically pleasing? Or perhaps you need a sports bra for your new workout regimen. Determining what you need the bra for should be your first question. Match your new bra to your lifestyle. If you have a 9 to 5 desk job, you might prioritize comfort. If you are quite an active person, you’d lean towards the sporty kind. Do you have a lot of low-cut party dresses? Then plunging bras would suit you best.

Taking the Right Measurements

A mistake that most women make is presuming their bra size. It’s recommended to go for a professional fitting every 6-12 months, as your bra size can change due to factors like weight gain, loss, pregnancy, and aging. Ask yourself – when was the last time you got measured for your bra size?

The importance of wearing the right bra size cannot be overstated. An ill-fitting bra can lead to a myriad of problems such as discomfort, back pain, shoulder tension, and even changes in posture. Therefore, before buying your next bra, make sure you have your correct measurements.

Looking at the Bra’s Structure and Material

How a bra is made can significantly affect its comfort level and longevity. So, the third question to ask yourself is – What is this bra made of?

When shopping for bras, you must consider their structure and material quality. Bands, straps, and cups each play specific roles in providing support and shaping your silhouette. Hence, it’s essential to find a bra made with good quality material, sturdy bands, and adjustable straps. The material should be soft but durable, and it should have enough elasticity to ensure the bra maintains its shape after many uses and washes.

Checking the Bra’s Comfort Level

Comfort should always be paramount when shopping for bras – even those beautiful pieces meant for special occasions. Hence, the question – Is this bra comfortable?

To gauge the level of comfort, look at the width of the band and straps, the material used, and the cup size. The band should be wide enough to provide adequate support without being too tight. Straps should not dig into your shoulders, and the cups should accommodate your breasts without any spilling over or gaping. Remember, a comfortable bra is one that you can barely feel you’re wearing.

Finding the Right Bra for Your Outfit

Finally, a question that often tends to be overlooked is – What outfits will I be wearing this bra with?

The type of bra you choose can make or break your outfit. For instance, a lace bra is likely to show through a tight-fitting or sheer top. A sports bra under a formal blouse? Not a good look. Consider the outfits in your wardrobe and select bras that will complement them.



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